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    New Roosevelt's Elk World's Record Declared!
Date Posted: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 | All News

  This incredible Roosevelt’s elk was officially recognized as the new bowhunting World’s Record at the Pope and Young Club’s 28th Biennium Convention in Dallas, Texas, in April…after being duly reviewed and verified at P&Y’s Panel Judging Session prior to the convention.

The bull’s final score is 398 1/8, incredibly eclipsing the previous World’s Record by almost 20 inches! The previous World’s Record (a bull scoring 378 6/8, taken in 1991 in Columbia County, Oregon, by Clifford Hayden) had stood as the WR since 2009.

Here’s a bit of Tim’s hunt story in his words:

“He stopped just 20 yards from me, and as he grunted, steam bellowed from his nostrils and mouth. Wide-eyed, he looked to the left and right, and then put his head down and started thrashing the ground with his huge antlers. Dirt and grass were flying everywhere. I slowly lowered myself, nocked an arrow and hunkered down, waiting for him to cross between the log I was hiding behind and a patch of impenetrable blackberry brambles just 20 yards away. I waited for a solid minute, then peered through a crack in the end of the log. He had run back the 200 yards and was standing with the other half of the herd. In the process of the sneak peek, I spooked all of the cows and calves and blew my cover. I thought that I had totally ruined what could have been my only shot.

Fussing to myself about what had just happened, I watched the drama unfold in the herd as 300-class satellite bulls tried to get near the cows. The herd bull was frantically chasing them all off. The herd was generally on the move, with a lot of tension. The rut was in full swing for the first day since the hunt had started. The lead cow was uneasy, and wanted to make her way back toward my direction.

To my amazement, the whole herd started to cross back; this time, a couple hundred yards from where I had set up. I knew that I had move quickly or they would disappear into the thick salmon berries. Most of the herd was making their way back around the base of the hill, but the herd bull stopped pushing the cows around and started to feed out of sight. I knew he wouldn’t be feeding for long, so I decided to make a quick and risky move.

I had no way to get into range without moving through an opening in plain view of some cows. It was my only shot, though, so I took it. As I moved, I startled a dozen or so cows and calves. Hoping to get to the bull before he realized I was there, I quickly closed the distance. I finally got into position just 12 yards from the quartering bull. I drew back, settled and made a solid hit. The shaft buried up to the fletching. The bull didn’t know what hit him; he trotted off trying to herd up his cows. He went down within 30 yards of where I shot him.”

398 1/8
Humboldt County, California
Tim Carpenter
Records | Bowhunter/Conservationist | Fair Chase | Heritage | Youth


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"The Pope and Young Club’s commitment to ensure bowhunting’s existence for future generations is exactly why this relationship is a natural fit for KUIU. We are excited to be a part of such a great organization that has done so much to protect our rich bowhunting heritage and values. As a company committed to integrity in all aspects of our business, KUIU is thrilled to continue our affiliation with The Pope & Young Club. Their commitment to ethical hunting, conservation, and accuracy of reportin"
KUIU Founder Jason Hairston.
"Black Eagle Arrows is proud to partner with The Pope & Young Club in its effort to lead the way in Bowhunting and Archery preservation. At Black Eagle Arrows we are strong advocates of the mission The Pope and Young Club built on conservation, protecting our heritage and a sport that so many love so much."
Randy Kitts President of Black Eagle Arrows

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