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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Dennis Burdick
Score: 448 6/8
Location: Lake Clark, AK
Year Taken: 8/20/1984
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Art Kragness
Score: 446 6/8
Location: Meshik River, AK
Year Taken: 9/27/1970
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Hunter: David S. Benitz
Score: 431 4/8
Location: Ray Mountain, AK
Year Taken: 9/17/16
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Jack Wood
Score: 424 4/8
Location: Naknek River, AK
Year Taken: 10/27/1990
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Bill Brown
Score: 424
Location: Delta River, AK
Year Taken: 9/15/1960
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Scott Atton
Score: 419 6/8
Location: Pilot Point, AK
Year Taken: 10/3/1987
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: John S. Alley
Score: 417 2/8
Location: Dog Salmon River, AK
Year Taken: 10/2/1987
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Fred Bear
Score: 417
Location: Little Delta River, AK
Year Taken: 8/20/1959
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Roy Humphries
Score: 416 1/8
Location: Kipchuk River, AK
Year Taken: 10/7/1986
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Ron Madsen
Score: 415 3/8
Location: Ugashik River, AK
Year Taken: 10/1/1987
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 The Wildlife Law Enforcement Award
We recently honored Colorado Parks & Wildlife Officer Evan Jones with the Pope & Young Club’s Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer Award. This award acknowledges wildlife law enforcement officers for outstanding work related to wildlife violations associated with the Club’s 29 recognized big game species.
9/21/2021... »

 Pope and Young Announces New Corporate Partner: Universal Outdoor Products
Universal Outdoor Products Joins Pope & Young as Platinum Level Corporate Partner.
9/13/2021... »

 The Pope and Young Stewardship Award
We recently honored the United Bowhunters of New Jersey (UBNJ) with the P&Y Stewardship award during the 2021 Award Ceremonies at their 32nd Biennial Convention in Reno, NV. The Stewardship Award is given to a bowhunter or bowhunting organization that, by their actions, has conveyed a positive image of bowhunting and bowhunters to both the hunting and non-hunting public.
9/7/2021... »

 Nevada Department of Wildlife Honored at Pope and Young Convention
Pope and Young, America’s leading bowhunting organization recently honored the Nevada Department of Wildlife with the Pope and Young Conservation Award.
8/31/2021... »
Robert R. Spratt
Barber County, KS
5/18/2021 - 5/24/2021

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"We are extremely proud to partner with an organization that has always focused on conservation as well as establishing and maintaining the highest standards for ethical bowhunting. Our commitment to Pope & Young echoes our commitment to the sport of bowhunting and the conservation efforts that keep bowhunting traditions alive, strong and available for many future generations."
Jon Syverson, Chief Commercial Officer of FeraDyne Outdoors
"Outdoor Edge is proud to join the elite group of companies that support the conservation efforts of the Pope and Young Club. We commend P&Y for all that they do to ensure a promising future for our sport and for our hunting heritage for all the generations to come."
David Bloch, President and Founder of Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.
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