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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Dennis Burdick
Score: 448 6/8
Location: Lake Clark, AK
Year Taken: 8/20/1984
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Art Kragness
Score: 446 6/8
Location: Meshik River, AK
Year Taken: 9/27/1970
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Jack Wood
Score: 424 4/8
Location: Naknek River, AK
Year Taken: 10/27/1990
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Bill Brown
Score: 424
Location: Delta River, AK
Year Taken: 9/15/1960
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Scott Alton
Score: 419 6/8
Location: Pilot Point, AK
Year Taken: 10/3/1987
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: John S. Alley
Score: 417 2/8
Location: Dog Salmon River, AK
Year Taken: 10/2/1987
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Fred Bear
Score: 417
Location: Little Delta River, AK
Year Taken: 8/20/1959
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Roy Humphries
Score: 416 1/8
Location: Kipchuk River, AK
Year Taken: 10/7/1986
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Ron Madsen
Score: 415 3/8
Location: Ugashik River, AK
Year Taken: 10/1/1987
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  Barren Ground Caribou
Hunter: Robert Smith
Score: 414 6/8
Location: Aleutian Range, AK
Year Taken: 8/16/1983
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 Steve Felix's Newly Crowned World Record Typical American Elk Receives Coveted Ishi Award
Steve Felix of Seeley Lake, Montana has been awarded the coveted Pope and Young Club’s Ishi' Award. This is the highest honor the Pope and Young Club can bestow upon a bowhunter.
4/25/2017... »

 New World Record Animals And Historic Moments Highlighted The Pope And Young Club 30th Biennial Convention
A stunning location, informative seminars, breath-taking mounts, new World Records and historic moments were the hallmarks for this P&Y gathering.
4/18/2017... »

 Pope And Young Club Names New World Record Typical Mule Deer During First-Ever Special Panel
Pope and Young Club Records Chairman, Ed Fanchin, called for the Special Panel to measure a potential World Record typical mule deer taken by Frank Cheeney of Pioche, Nevada in August of 2016.
4/13/2017... »

 Public-Land Transfer Spells Trouble For Sportsmen
Most sportsmen are aware of it by now — our federally protected public lands are in serious jeopardy as politicians push for legislation to transfer these lands into the hands of individual states.
2/21/2017... »
John L. Willcut
Flathead County, Montana
4/13/2017 - 4/19/2017

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"The Pope & Young Club is the premiere, no, the only bowhunting organization that is working tirelessly to protect and preserve bowhunting. There are no longer any excuses for not supporting Pope & Young. If you aren't a member, you should seriously consider signing on."
Curt Wells, Editor Bowhunter Magazine
"The Pope and Young Clubs commitment to ensure bowhuntings existence for future generations is exactly why this relationship is a natural fit for KUIU. We are excited to be a part of such a great organization that has done so much to protect our rich bowhunting heritage and values. As a company committed to integrity in all aspects of our business, KUIU is thrilled to continue our affiliation with The Pope & Young Club. Their commitment to ethical hunting, conservation, and accuracy of reportin"
KUIU Founder Jason Hairston.

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