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    P&Y Announces New Corporate Partner: The John V. Mesh Memorial Scholarship
Date Posted: Tuesday, February 2, 2021 | All News


The Pope & Young Club is proud to announce The John V. Mesh Memorial Scholarship’s support of the club through our Corporate Partner Program! The Memorial Scholarship has proven their commitment to protecting, promoting, and preserving the passion for bowhunting by becoming a PLATINUM level Corporate Partner!


“The John V. Mesh Memorial Scholarship couldn’t be happier about our new partnership with the Pope and Young Club. We are truly looking forward on making great things happen for bow hunters and future generations of outdoorsmen.”

-Jim Mesh, Founder & CEO, John V. Mesh Memorial Scholarship


On the night of October 12th, 2015, veteran Kansas City firefighter John V. Mesh lost his life battling a building fire and subsequent collapse in his Northeast neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. John was an avid outdoorsman and conservationist, and his love of bow hunting was only surpassed by his love of his family and job. The outdoor lifestyle was something that John was very passionate about and passing it on to his four young daughters at the time of his passing. In the wake of Johns death, his brother Jim and fellow firefighter John Sirna created the John V. Mesh Memorial Scholarship, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to introducing kids and young adults to the outdoors, and scholarships for those interested in pursuing careers in conservation. In the years since Johns passing, the organization has partnered with the Missouri Department of Conservation and sponsored hundreds of young ladies at the Discover Nature Girls Camps in Johns home state of Missouri. In addition, they have sponsored youth at numerous outdoor and archery camps in Missouri, Kansas, and Montana. This organization has also awarded several financial scholarships to high school and college students who are pursuing a degree in conservation and the outdoors.  Over the past two years, they have partnered with Delta Waterfowl and have become the premier sponsor for the university hunting program at the University of Missouri.


The Clubs Corporate Partner Program allows manufacturers the opportunity to help P&Y protect, promote, and preserve the passion for bowhunting and ensure bowhunting opportunities for today, and tomorrow. We have given more than 1 million dollars to conservation and education programs across North America. Our conservation programs include Wild Harvest Initiative, Isle Royal Moose Study, Farmers, and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, National Wildlife Federation Howe Peak/Deadman Sheep Endowment Fund, Jack Creek Preserve Foundation, the Bitterroot Elk Project, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, American Wildlife Conservation Partners, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Orion - The Hunters Institute, National Conservation Leadership Institute, National Bowhunter Education Foundation, U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance, National Archery in the Schools program, Scholastic 3-D Archery. Mule Deer Foundation, Wyoming Male Mule Deer Study and Winter Range Study, and many others.


“Leaving a legacy is important. Seeing Jim Mesh, and the way he carries on his brother’s legacy in the outdoor industry is amazing! I hope that we can live the type of life that will encourage others around us to get involved in this passion of ours, and the John V. Mesh Memorial Scholarship gives us all a chance to begin doing that! Any organization that prides themselves in creating new hunters is what P&Y is all about!”

-Dylan Ray, Marketing Director, Pope & Young


For more information about the John V. Mesh Memorial Scholarship or learn how you can get involved with their organization head over to, or visit them on social media, 363 Hunt Club. 


The Pope and Young Club is a non-profit North American conservation and bowhunting organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of bowhunting by striving to increase awareness and appreciation of bowhunting foundations, principles, and values. The Pope and Young Club is focused on Fair Chase hunting ethics that support the ethical pursuit of free-ranging, wild game animals without unfair advantage while promoting the conservation of both habitat and wildlife. The Club also maintains the universally recognized repository of records and statistics on North American big game animals harvested with a bow and arrow.

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Robert R. Spratt
Barber County, KS
5/18/2021 - 5/24/2021

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"We are extremely proud to partner with an organization that has always focused on conservation as well as establishing and maintaining the highest standards for ethical bowhunting. Our commitment to Pope & Young echoes our commitment to the sport of bowhunting and the conservation efforts that keep bowhunting traditions alive, strong and available for many future generations."
Jon Syverson, Chief Commercial Officer of FeraDyne Outdoors
"3Rivers Archery is thrilled to continue our support of the Pope & Young Club. P&Y is a great organization working to bring bowhunters together, while taking great strides in support of conservation efforts. P&Y is also the leading force in promoting fair-chase bowhunting."
Johnathan Karch, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for 3Rivers Archery
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