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  Canada Moose
Hunter: Charles Roy
Score: 222 1/8
Location: Cap-Chat, QUE
Year Taken: 10/8/1988
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  Canada Moose
Hunter: Randy V. Liljenquist
Score: 218 1/8
Location: Dease Lake, BC
Year Taken: 9/28/2001
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  Canada Moose
Hunter: Fredrick J. Gimbel
Score: 217 2/8
Location: Birch Mountain, ALB
Year Taken: 10/2/1994
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  Canada Moose
Hunter: Wayne Carlton
Score: 214 3/8
Location: Chevis Creek, BC
Year Taken: 10/7/1988
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  Canada Moose
Hunter: Dennis Odian
Score: 214
Location: Dixie Lake, BC
Year Taken: 9/18/1997
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  Canada Moose
Hunter: Duane Carroll
Score: 210 7/8
Location: Churchill River, MAN
Year Taken: 9/22/2003
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  Canada Moose
Hunter: Tom Close
Score: 202 1/8
Location: Tatsamenie Lake, BC
Year Taken: 9/21/1997
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  Canada Moose
Hunter: Peter Halbig
Score: 201 4/8
Location: Mt. Lady Laurier, BC
Year Taken: 9/2/1968
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  Canada Moose
Hunter: Fred Robinson
Score: 201 2/8
Location: Hutt Township, ONT
Year Taken: 9/26/1986
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  Canada Moose
Hunter: Brian Koelzer
Score: 200 5/8
Location: Cindy Lake, BC
Year Taken: 9/30/2003
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 Pope & Young Club Continues Support For Scholastic 3-D Archery
The Pope & Young Club is proud to announce a continuing relationship with Scholastic 3D Archery. This after-school archery program, which allows participants to use equipment of their choice, has a goal to provide opportunities in various phases of
10/18/2018... »

 Pope And Young Club Names New World Record Alaskan Brown Bear During Special Panel
On Monday, September 24th, the Pope and Young Club conducted a Special Panel of Judges in Windsor, Colorado for a potential P&Y World Record Alaskan brown bear.
10/13/2018... »

 Pope & Young Club Provides Support For Isle Royale Moose Study
For fifty-nine years the unique wolf, moose, predator/prey relationship found on Isle Royale has been studied by land, and wildlife biologists and P&Y is honored to assist in the continuance of those studies.
10/2/2018... »

 Kryptek Outdoor Group Pledges Support For Pope and Young
The Pope and Young Club is proud to announce the support of Kryptek Outdoor Group through the Club’s Corporate Partner Program. Kryptek provides combat proven features and designs in ultra high-performance technical and tactical outdoor adventure
9/19/2018... »
Andy Kees
Washington Co., MN
10/5/2018 - 10/11/2018

Testimonials | View All
"Sayersbrook Bison is pleased to announce our support of the Pope & Young Club. As an ethical and responsible bowhunter, lifetime P&Y member and owner of Sayersbrook Bison, I have a strong commitment to wildlife conservation and I greatly value the work that the Pope and Young Club does to promote and protect the heritage of bowhunting in North America. They have worked tirelessly to defend and protect North America's rich bowhunting heritage and values. I Greatly value the work they do to pr"
Rocco Verelli, Owner of Sayersbrook Bison Ranc
"Lumenok is thrilled to be partnered with the Pope and Young Club. Their commitment to protecting the future of bowhunting and promoting the conservation of habitat and wildlife is unparalleled and we, at Lumenok, are proud to be a part of that."
Curtis Price, President of the Burt Coyote Co., Inc.
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