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    New P&Y World's Record Stone's Sheep Declared!
Date Posted: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 | All News

  New P&Y World’s Record Stone’s Sheep Declared!

This incredible Stone’s sheep was officially recognized as the new bowhunting World’s Record at the Pope and Young Club’s 28th Biennium Convention in Dallas, Texas, in April…after being duly reviewed and verified at P&Y’s Panel Judging Session prior to the convention.

The ram’s final score is 179 4/8, besting the previous World’s Record by a whopping 5 inches! The previous World’s Record (a ram scoring 174 2/8, taken in 1992 near the Tetsa River in British Columbia, by Stanley Walchuk, Jr.) had stood as the WR for 20 years (since 1993).

Here’s a bit of Jim’s hunt story in his words:

“On the second day of the hunt, we spotted a ram that looked like the 170-class we had set our sights on. After a six-hour climb, we closed the distance to 200 yards and from this vantage, the ram looked really good. On our final stalk, we walked within 50 yards of the ram, when he started to chase a ewe. The left me no choice but to watch his mating game and wait for my golden opportunity. Eventually, he presented the perfect shot. When we reached the ram where he fell, our mouths hit the ground in amazement. The ram was so massive, it looked more like a bighorn sheep!”

179 4/8
Gathto Creek, British Columbia
Jim Hens
Records | Bowhunter/Conservationist | Fair Chase | Heritage | Youth


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