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Date Posted: Monday, May 20, 2013 | All News


New P&Y World’s Record Tule Elk Declared!

Drawing a rare permit, followed by ample amounts of pre-season scouting, positioned California resident Patrick Butler well for the opportunity to take an exceptional Tule elk bull on the opening day of his 5-day August 2010 elk season. This exceptional Tule elk was officially recognized as the new bowhunting World’s Record at the Pope and Young Club’s 28th Biennium Convention in Dallas, Texas, in April…after being duly reviewed and verified at P&Y’s Panel Judging Session prior to the convention.

The bull’s final score is 320 7/8, eclipsing the previous World’s
Record by 8 inches. The previous World’s Record (a bull scoring 312 5/8, taken in 1990 in Solano County, California by Audrey Goodnight) had stood as the WR since we established the Tule elk category in 2009.

Here’s a bit of Patrick’s hunt story in his words:

“We found the bull by himself and vulnerable. The Susun winds were blowing constant and in one direction, making our approach obvious. Don and I eased out of a deep dry channel. I set up on my knees in the grass on the edge, as Don dropped back 30 yards and laid down to call. I was sitting there thinking “I have no shooting lane!” So I stood up and eased forward in an attempt to find a better position. Don’s protest came in the form of a cow call. While I’m not the brightest guy you will ever meet, I figured I knew what that meant. I quickly backed up and hit my knees where I had originally set up. The “quickly” part turned out to be a very good decision, because things immediately happened fast! As I mentioned, the bull was alone and, with the rut beginning, he was in need of a harem. Evidently, Don sounded like he would make a good candidate. Within a couple of seconds the bull bugled and moments later I could see antlers over the Tule. The bull stepped out of the cover at about 10 yards and stopped right in front of me. Everything had gone perfectly up to this point. However, the bull was standing with his vitals completely covered by a thick bush. At full draw, the bull and I were in a standoff for what surely seemed a longer period of time than it actually was.

320 7/8
Solano County, California
Patrick Butler
Records | Bowhunter/Conservationist | Fair Chase | Heritage | Youth


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Jason Higley
Oneida, Idaho
3/9/2017 - 3/15/2017

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