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    Pope and Young Club/St. Charles Museum of Bowhunting Undergoes Maintenance
Date Posted: Friday, September 02, 2016 | All News


Pope and Young Club/St. Charles Museum of Bowhunting Undergoes Maintenance

The Pope & Young Club/St. Charles Museum of Bowhunting will be closed for three to four weeks to undergo necessary repairs to the roof and air conditioning system.

“We recently experienced some leaking roof issues in our office and Museum in Chatfield,” said Jim Willems, President of the Pope and Young Club. “There are places on the roof that have caused problems for quite some time and because of the extreme rainfall this year we will need to repair these problem areas. We also had an air conditioner go out over the weekend, which resulted in some additional moisture issues, mainly in the Board Room. In order to protect the Museum, the staff acted quickly and called in professional help. We were able to get things dried out before there was any lasting damage. We decided to take some time to provide a long-term fix for these problems. During these repairs, the Museum will be closed for 3-4 weeks. We will have people working on the roof, cleaning up the moisture and taking steps to 
make sure this will not be a problem in the future.”

Opened in 2004, The Pope and Young Club/St. Charles Museum of Bowhunting is located in the rolling hills and farmland of southeastern Minnesota, just minutes off of Interstate 90. This Museum was created to increase the awareness and appreciation of North America's bowhunting heritage and history. It is the singular, crowning testimony to North America's rich bowhunting heritage--a place to learn about bowhunting's history, a place to appreciate bowhunting's "rediscovery" and a place to understand bowhunting's place in wildlife conservation and our culture. From day one, the Pope and Young Club/St. Charles Museum of Bowhunting has been open to the public and free of charge.

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Jason Higley
Oneida, Idaho
3/9/2017 - 3/15/2017

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