Convention Auctions

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AUCTIONS item highlights

The following are up for grabs at the upcoming 2023 Biennial Convention in Reno, Nevada April 12th-15th, 2023.

Wizard Lake Outfitting                                    6 Day Whitetail Deer Hunt in Edmenton Bowzone

Heartland Pride Outfitters LLC                      5 Day 6 Night Combo Mule Deer/Antelope Archery Hunt

JP Guide Service                                              5 Day Tule Elk hunt

JP Guide Service                                              5 Day Blacktail Deer Hunt

Bushwhack Alaska/Talarik Creek Lodge      6 Day 5 Night Alaska Fishing Trip

Sounding Creek Outfitters                             6 Day Archery Mule Deer Hunt

Scott & Brian Koelzer                                      5 Day/4 Night Otter Lodge Getaway in West Yellowstone

Pointer Wingshooting                                     Argentina Dove Hunt for 4 Hunters

Pointer Wingshooting                                     Argentina Red Stag Hunt for 2 Hunters

Worldwide Trophy Adventures                     Black Bear Hunt

Jack Creek Preserve Foundation                  5 Day Spring Archery Black Bear Hunt for 2 hunters

Jack Creek Preserve Foundation                  7 Day Archery Elk Hunt

Dennis Dunn                                                    Limited Edition 'Barebow'

Yukon Big Game Outfitters Ltd                     9 Day Alaska Yukon Moose Hunt

North American Guide Service                    2 Day Fishing Trip on Lower Columbia River

Chad Lenz                                                        6 Day Archery Moose Hunt

Savage Bighorns                                             10 Day Bighorn Sheep Hunt in Alberta

Clay Creek Hunting                                        8 Day Archery Mule Deer Hunt

Catena Safaris Argentina                              5 Day Hunt for 3 Hunters (1 Blackbuck, 1 Wildboard, 1 Patagonic Dorset Ram)

Wildest International Safaris                       7 Day South Africa Hunt for 3 (1 Springbuck, 1 Gemsbuck, 1 Brown Blesbuck)

Wildest International Safaris                       6 Day Namibia Hunt for 3 (1 Oryx and 1 Warthog)

Ray's Hunting & Fishing Lodge Ltd             6 Day Spot & Stalk Moose Hunt

Coues Outfitters                                             5 Day Archery Coues Deer & Javelina Hunt in Sonora, MX

Antler Canyon Outfitters                              5 Day Arizona Coues or Mule Deer Hunt


For a full list of Donating Outfitters, please click the following link HERE. Check back soon for more information on upcoming raffles and auctions.