conservation overview

Preserve. Promote. Protect.

mission and committee

Though P&Y was conceived in 1961, it wasn’t until 1977 that the Board created the Conservation Committee.

The Pope & Young Club Bylaws read: Article II: Mission and Purposes; Section 2.5 “To promote the welfare and conservation of North American big game and their habitat through support of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.”

The Conservation Chair is an appointed position. The President nominates the Chair contingent on Board approval for a two-year term. The Chair selects Conservation Committee members who are then approved by the Board, and they also serve a two-year term. The President, and two Board members are always on the committee.

Components of the P&Y conservation program includes wildlife research, education, pro-bowhunting activities, partnerships, and wildlife conservation projects. The Conservation Committee is responsible for soliciting and investigating grant proposals and recommending them to P&Y’s Board of Directors on an annual basis.