conservation, education, and outreach program mission statement

Preserve. Promote. Protect.

mission, goals,  and objectives

Mission statement: To protect the future of bowhunting’s heritage and promote the conservation and welfare of habitat and wildlife.

GOAL 1:  To support educational and conservation activities that communicate the benefits of proper wildlife management.


  1. To contribute funds and support for pro-wildlife management programs, conferences, and symposium.
  2. To continue to enhance the perception of bowhunting to the general public and wildlife professionals through education and communication.

GOAL 2. To foster the collection and dissemination of information on the beneficial role of bowhunting in wildlife management.


  1. To interact with, provide information and funds to, and represent bowhunting to federal and state agencies, and private conservation organization (1)

GOAL 3. To continue to create and enhance networks and partnership activities with individuals, agencies and organizations leading to positive exposure for bowhunting and Pope & Young Club.


  1. Promote and encourage membership volunteer opportunities.

GOAL 4. To suggest methods of funding to support bowhunting, conservation, education and related activities.


  1. To partner with pro-wildlife management organizations.
  2. To enhance P&Y fund-raising activities and auctions (including hunts).
  3. To cultivate benefactors and patrons.

GOAL 5. To foster quality bowhunting and other outdoor experiences from the recreational use and enjoyment of sustained, healthy wildlife populations.