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All trophies listed on our World Record (WR) page have been verified at Panel. No trophy, that has not been verified at Panel, will be listed here.  If there is no trophy listed in a particular category, then we have not yet verified that top scoring animal in that category.  To see ALL accepted trophy entires, visit our Online Trophy Database!

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Hunter: Chris Cammack
Score: 29 4/16
Location: Alex River, AK
Year Taken: 5/23/2018


Hunter: Jeff Melillo
Score: 23 5/16
Location: Morris County, NJ
Year Taken: 10/14/19


Hunter: Rodney Debias
Score: 27 1/16
Location: Unalakleet, AK
Year Taken: 2009


Hunter: Jimme R. Ryan
Score: 26 10/16
Location: Cape Brown, NT
Year Taken: 4/10/2008


Hunter: Duane (Corky) Richardson
Score: 129 6/8
Location: Coconino County, AZ
Year Taken: 3/25/2002


Hunter: Dennis Burdick
Score: 448 6/8
Location: Lake Clark, AK
Year Taken: 8/20/1984


Hunter: Rick Valdez
Score: 439 3/8
Location: Mulchatna River, AK
Year Taken: 9/20/1995


Hunter: Al Kuntz
Score: 420 6/8
Location: Humpy Lake, NT
Year Taken: 9/8/1994


Hunter: Rodney Cockeram
Score: 384 4/8
Location: Humpy Lake, NWT
Year Taken: 5/30/2005


Hunter: Pete Cintorino
Score: 416 4/8
Location: Fire Lake, YT
Year Taken: 9/23/2004


Hunter: J Dean Bodoh
Score: 432 2/8
Location: O'Grady Lake, NWT
Year Taken: 8/12/1990


Hunter: Carol Ann Mauch
Score: 434
Location: Tunulik River, QUE
Year Taken: 9/21/1984


Hunter: Kyle Johnson
Score: 387 4/8
Location: Lake King, QUE
Year Taken: 8/26/2016


Hunter: Jeff Samson
Score: 375 0/8
Location: Middle Ridge, NFL
Year Taken: 2013


Hunter: Daniel Welker
Score: 362 1/8
Location: Bergeo, NFL
Year Taken: 8/28/2021


Hunter: Scott M. Moore
Score: 16 1/16
Location: Park County, WY
Year Taken: 1/10/1993


Hunter: B. G. Shurtleff
Score: 172 2/8
Location: Marion County, OR
Year Taken: 10/2/1969


Hunter: James Decker
Score: 194 4/8
Location: Jackson County, OR
Year Taken: 12/4/1988


Hunter: Angelo Nogara
Score: 157 3/8
Location: Sonoma County, CA
Year Taken: 7/29/2005


Hunter: Charles R. Hakari
Score: 116 3/8
Location: Prince of Wales Island, AK
Year Taken: 8/7/1987


Hunter: Chuck Adams
Score: 109 7/8
Location: Kodiak Island, AK
Year Taken: 8/12/2021


Hunter: Doyle Shipp
Score: 110 6/8
Location: Sitkanak, AK
Year Taken: 8/3/2010


Hunter: Chuck Adams
Score: 117 7/8
Location: Kodiak Island, AK
Year Taken: 8/26/2022


Hunter: Sergio Orozco
Score: 130 1/8
Location: Santa Cruz County, AZ
Year Taken: 1/11/2001


Hunter: James C. Stewart
Score: 115 4/8
Location: Santa Cruz County, AZ
Year Taken: 9/2/2022


Hunter: Wesley Ely
Score: 139 2/8
Location: Greenlee County, AZ
Year Taken: 8/27/2017


Hunter: Shane Burleson
Score: 134 5/8
Location: Greenlee County, AZ
Year Taken: 8/23/2016


Hunter: Frank R. Cheeney
Score: 205 6/8
Location: Lincoln County, NV
Year Taken: 8/13/2016


Hunter: Bowdy Gardner
Score: 218 2/8
Location: Kane County, UT
Year Taken: 8/28/2012


Hunter: Dennis Bennett
Score: 291 1/8
Location: Arm River, SAS
Year Taken: 10/1/2018


Hunter: Justin Gordon
Score: 326 1/8
Location: LaPlata County, CO
Year Taken: 9/2/2018


Hunter: M. J. Johnson
Score: 204 4/8
Location: Peoria County, IL
Year Taken: 10/29/1965


Hunter: Luke Brewster
Score: 327 7/8
Location: Edgar County, IL
Year Taken: 11/2/2018


Hunter: Weston Cartwright
Score: 252 2/8
Location: Muhlenberg County, KY
Year Taken: 9/3/2012


Hunter: Stephen Felix
Score: 430 0/8
Location: Powder River County, MT
Year Taken: 9/10/2016


Hunter: Mikayla Morfin
Score: 347 2/8
Location: Elko County, NV
Year Taken: 8/29/2019


Hunter: Shawn O'Shea
Score: 449 4/8
Location: Minburn, ALB
Year Taken: 9/14/2020


Hunter: Tim Carpenter
Score: 398 1/8
Location: Humboldt County, CA
Year Taken: 9/10/2011


Hunter: Chris Krampe
Score: 324 2/8
Location: Humboldt County, CA
Year Taken: 8/4/2023


Hunter: Eric Bethune
Score: 336 1/8
Location: Mendocino County, CA
Year Taken: 8/24/2022


Hunter: Jim Wondzell
Score: 257 3/8
Location: San Luis Obispo County, CA
Year Taken: 7/19/2021


Hunter: Real Langlois
Score: 249 1/8
Location: Earn Lake, YT
Year Taken: 9/18/2008


Hunter: Charles Roy
Score: 222 1/8
Location: Cap-Chat, QUE
Year Taken: 10/8/1988


Hunter: Frederick Sweisthal
Score: 181 0/8
Location: Atlin Lake, BC
Year Taken: 8/23/2017


Hunter: Robert Hebert
Score: 192 0/8
Location: Park County, CO
Year Taken: 10/8/2019


Hunter: Donald Hoard
Score: 161 6/8
Location: Teton County, WY
Year Taken: 9/3/2005


Hunter: Bob Black
Score: 127 2/8
Location: Coppermine, NUN
Year Taken: 3/26/1996


Hunter: William Cox
Score: 127 2/8
Location: Coppermine, NUN
Year Taken: 4/7/1998


Hunter: Marvin N. Zieser
Score: 91 4/8
Location: Yavapai County, AZ
Year Taken: 8/27/1995


Hunter: Kaleb Baird
Score: 53 4/8
Location: Cleveland Pen., AK
Year Taken: 9/11/2020


Hunter: Clayton D. Miller
Score: 209 1/8
Location: Pennington County, SD
Year Taken: 10/30/2018


Hunter: Dan Reynolds
Score: 174
Location: Ogilvie Mountain, YT
Year Taken: 8/3/2012


Hunter: Tony Lynn Loop
Score: 186 4/8
Location: Maricopa County, AZ
Year Taken: 11/4/2015


Hunter: Jim Hens
Score: 179 4/8
Location: Gathto Creek, BC
Year Taken: 11/7/2011