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Pope & Young Youth Awards Goals

Pope & Young is dedicated to promoting the sport of bowhunting with today’s youth through outreach programs, youth bowhunting awards, and recognition of the accomplishments from our youth bowhunters.   The goal of our youth programs is to expose them to the joys of chasing big game animals with the bow and arrow and create bowhunters for life!

First Harvest Award

Any youth member harvesting their first big game animal can submit their harvest to the club for recognition in the youth awards program.  The youth bowhunter will receive a certificate of achievement for their harvest and recognition on the club’s youth Instagram page.  We will also recognize any subsequent harvest by a youth bowhunter in a similar fashion if they choose to submit them to the club.  Official rules and forms for the First Harvest Award are available at the link below.



Youth Bowhunter Challenge

The “Youth Bowhunter Challenge” recognizes young bowhunters who have taken multiple species with their bow and encourages young bowhunters to chase their passion to the fullest.  This award can be earned by any youth bowhunter that harvests an animal in all four categories recognized by the youth program. 

Those categories include: any species of deer, any turkey species, any small game, or predator species, and one wild card animal.  The wild card animals include any member of the recognized North American big game, any feral hog, javelina, or fair chase exotic.  Youth achieving this challenge will be recognized with a plaque and recognition in the quarterly Ethic magazine.  Official rules and forms for the Youth Bowhunter Challenge are available at the link below.


Only an individual that has a current Pope & Young Youth Membership can make submissions for the Youth Bowhunter Challenge.