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Donate today and help Pope and Young carry out our mission to Preserve, Promote and Protect Bowhunting.

Pope and Young is a non-profit bowhunting and conservation organization (501 c3). All contributions to Pope & Young are tax deductible.

If you would like to make a donation by phone/mail, please call (507) 867-4144  and we will take down your information.

  • Your generous donations to the Pope & Young Club are most appreciated!
  • The General Fund supports the Club on a day to day basis.
  • Through the Trust Fund, we can ensure a lasting legacy of the Club traditions, record keeping, ethics promotion and support of selected conservation programs.
  • The many projects presented to and supported by the Conservation, Education and Outreach Fund are invaluable to the perpetuation of our bowhunting heritage and North America’s wildlife and wildlands.
  • Your continued involvement, support, and dedication to the Pope & Young Club and its programs are greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in providing support for the Pope and Young Club and bowhuting’s future, please visit our Trust Fund Donation page HERE to learn more.