P&Y Announces the FIRST Inductees Into the P&Y Hall of Fame

August 18, 2021

Pope and Young, America’s leading bowhunting organization, recently unveiled the Pope & Young Hall of Fame and inducted its first five members into the prestigious Hall.  Membership in an organization with so many iconic hunters and conservationists is something to be held in high esteem. The impact these first five inductees have had on bowhunting cannot be understated.

The inaugural round of inductees include:

GLENN ST. CHARELS:  Glenn was with the National Field Archery Association (NFAA), where he served as the Vice President, but he knew bowhunters needed their own organization. Someone to fight for the rights of bowhunters and help create more bowhunting opportunities throughout North America. He gathered several close friends and fellow bowhunters, and the foundation for today’s Pope and Young Club was laid.  Glenn served as the first chairman and later the first president of Pope & Young Club.

One of the most recognized bowhunters of the 20th century, Fred’s early work filming and promoting bowhunting is unparalleled.  A significant contributor to Pope and Young, Fred introduced mass production to archery equipment, making and inventing countless adaptations of bowhunting equipment. His films, books, articles, and television appearances captured the imagination of millions and introduced millions to the sport of bowhunting.  Fred became a member of Pope & Young in 1961 and served on its first board.

SCOTT SHOWALTER: Outgoing and very likable, Scott was instrumental in the development of Pope and Young’s record keeping system.  Taking over as Records Chairman Scott organized, streamlined, and promoted the records keeping program. His efforts helped Pope and Young promote bowhunting at the state level throughout the US, and these records helped to prove that bowhunting was a legitimate means of harvesting big game animals and an effective management tool.  These efforts led to greater hunting opportunities and seasons for bowhunters across North America.

A great hunter and one of the world's best varmint, turkey, and wildfowl callers, Jim served numerous roles within the Organization throughout his tenure.  He served as the Club’s Executive Secretary from 1969-1970, Pope & Young Club President from 1976-1984, and the Club’s Past President Director from 1984-2002. On April 15, 2005, the Club awarded Jim the special status of Honorary Lifetime Senior Membership -- just the fourth person to receive this honor.

HARV EBERS: As a close friend to Glenn St. Charles, Harv was part of the group in Seattle that laid out the road map and outlined the initial principles of what we know as Pope & Young today.  Always even-keeled and charitable in his demenour,Harv was instrumental in maintaining a cohesive working relationship among board members as the organization grew and developed. With a commitment to serving, Harv served on the first Board of Directors, and was Records Chairman for thirty years.  Harv remains to this day a passionate bowhunter that gets out in the field with his bow any chance that he has. 

These five inductees exemplify the characteristics of the Pope and Young Club.  Their dedication to Preserving, Promoting, and Protecting the sport of bowhunting serves as the foundation for Pope and Young’s Mission.  They serve as role models for all Pope and Young members and the Club is honored to induct them as the first members of the Pope and Young Hall of Fame.
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