Pope & Young Announces New Corporate Partner: BAKCOU BIKES

August 19, 2021

The Pope & Young Club is proud to announce Bakcou Bikes support of the club through our Corporate Partner Program! Bakcou has proven their commitment to preserving, promoting, and protecting the passion for bowhunting by joining the club as a DIAMOND level Corporate Partner!

“When you look for opportunities to partner in our industry, it’s vital to associate yourself with those who represent themselves in a positive light. Partnering with Pope & Young for BAKCOU was one of those opportunities we couldn’t pass up. Pope & Young has a great history in recognizing those who achieve greatness, just as we strive to provide hunters a way to go further and elevate their game.”

-Brain Marsing, Bakcou Bikes, Marketing Director

The Clubs Corporate Partner Program allows manufacturers the opportunity to help P&Y protect, promote, and preserve the passion for bowhunting and ensure bowhunting opportunities for today, and tomorrow. We have given more than 1 million dollars to conservation and education programs across North America. Our conservation programs include Wild Harvest Initiative, Isle Royal Moose Study, Farmers, and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, National Wildlife Federation Howe Peak/Deadman Sheep Endowment Fund, Jack Creek Preserve Foundation, the Bitterroot Elk Project, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, American Wildlife Conservation Partners, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Orion - The Hunters Institute, National Conservation Leadership Institute, National Bowhunter Education Foundation, U.S. Sportsman’s Alliance, National Archery in the Schools program, Scholastic 3-D Archery. Mule Deer Foundation, Wyoming Male Mule Deer Study and Winter Range Study, and many others.

“When a new partnership opportunity presents itself with one of the best in their respected field, it means a lot for our us as a club, and our membership! Bakcou isn’t just another electric bike company, they are one of the biggest ducks in that puddle, putting out some of the highest quality products you can get, which is what our members want! It is big for the club to see a company like Bakcou step up and show their support for Pope & Young, so we can work hand-in-hand to further preserve, promote, and protect our passion!”

-Dylan Ray, Marketing Director, Pope & Young

For more information about Bakcou, or to shop their full line of products please visit their website, https://www.bakcou.com.
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