Pope and Young Bestows LE Officer Award on Colorado Agent Evan Jones

September 21, 2021

We recently honored Colorado Parks & Wildlife Officer Evan Jones with the Pope & Young Club’s Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer Award.  This award acknowledges wildlife law enforcement officers for outstanding work related to wildlife violations associated with the Club’s 29 recognized big game species. Evan Jones is just the second person to receive the Wildlife Law Enforcement Award. The award was given during the 2021 Award Ceremonies at the Pope and Young 32nd Biennial Convention in Reno, NV. 

The individuals that pursue a career in wildlife law enforcement deeply understand the importance of protecting our fish and game. Often times avid outdoorsmen themselves, these men and women sacrifice a great deal of their own opportunities to hunt and fish in order to help protect our resources and rights. All who have taken an oath to protect our wild places are deserving of an award, but some go above and beyond to protect our natural resources and ensure future opportunities.  Officer Evan Jones is one such agent. 

“Officer Evan Jones not only exemplifies who these officers are, but his colleagues respect his dedication and effort throughout the state of Colorado” stated P&Y Conservation Chairman Neil Thagard.  “Officer Jones was nominated for this award by his peers, including Mike Swaro, an Area Wildlife Manager for the state, who accompanied Officer Jones to the stage to receive the award. As Officer Jones and Swaro left the stage, they received a standing ovation from the crowd of about 700 attendees.”
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