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Adenaline Outfitters Adenaline Outfitters - (Black Bear) Located on the east side of Lake Winnipeg in the small community of Manigotagan, Manitoba, our hunt area is North and East of there and receives little to no hunting pressure. This allows bears to reach full potential. Fishing will be available in season.
Visit Adenaline Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Russ Mehling - - 204-392-3337
Adenaline Outfitters

Back Country BC and Beyond Back Country BC and Beyond - Quality sheep, mountain goat, moose, brown bear hunting and more. Located in Cranbrook, British Columbia. Our goal is to be one of the most respected, knowledgeable and professional operations in Canada; to have guides and clients who want to return; to make a difference in peoples lives; help people experience nature; to promote trophy hunting in a positive and ethical way so that future generations may enjoy the same; to have our clients have a special, safe hunt, and to feel that we have worked hard to provide that experience.
Visit Back Country BC and Beyond Website
Contact Info: Dustin Roe - - 250-919-0184
Back Country BC and Beyond

Barela's Alaskan Ouitfitters Barela's Alaskan Ouitfitters - (Brown Bear - Black Bear - Moose - Mountain Goat - Caribou) offers a wide range of Trophy Quality animals for our clients to hunt. You will have a professional guide, licensed in the State of Alaska, with you at all times. We are true believers in fair chase hunting and enjoying the beautiful creatures God put here for our management.
Visit Barela's Alaskan Ouitfitters Website
Contact Info: Peter Barela - - 907-775-3833
Barela's Alaskan Ouitfitters

Barnes-Keith Ranch Barnes-Keith Ranch - One of the most respected hunting operations in the state of Texas. You're invited to hunt whitetail deer, outstanding exotics and native game on over 10,000 acres of the most beautiful scenery in the Texas Hill Country.
Visit Barnes-Keith Ranch Website
Contact Info: Bob Keith - - 409-853-1617
Barnes-Keith Ranch

Bayete Group - In To Africa Bayete Group - In To Africa - SOUTHERN AFRICA HUNTING SAFARIS South Africa - Mozambique - Namibia - Zimbabwe The diverse cultures and landscapes combine to create a once in a lifetime experience of Africa at its best. Bayete is where the combination of the classic African Savanna, the thrill of the hunt and the encounter with challenging game come together to create an exhilarating experience. The scenery and serenity of Africa will leave you spellbound. Our outfitters are born and bred professional hunters that have cultivated their first-hand knowledge over many years and have several generations of hunting experience in the African bush veld. These dedicated and experience hunters treasure their land, appreciate the wildlife and are highly skilled in their profession.
Visit Bayete Group - In To Africa Website
Contact Info: St. John Holloway - - (765) 734-5228
Bayete Group - In To Africa

Bear Track Outfitters Bear Track Outfitters - (Mule Deer - Antelope - Elk) One of the top outfitters in the Rocky Mountain West. We're very proud of that! You can book with us knowing you won't be "ripped off." Most of our guides are personal friends who have been with us for years. We specialize in mule deer and antelope and have done so since 1983.
Visit Bear Track Outfitters Website
Contact Info: T.J. Tavegie - - 307-620-0346
Bear Track Outfitters

Big Knife Outfitters Big Knife Outfitters - (Moose - Deer) Located in beautiful Donalda, Alberta Canada. Our hunting area consists of a number of Wildlife Management Units (WMU's), they are areas 166, 204, 206, 226, 228, 230 and 232. Found within these areas is the world famous Battle River drainage. This drainage has produced many of Alberta's top scoring trophies. The Battle River coupled with the lush crop-land creates mega-buck havens in the areas we hunt. Our lodge is located in east central Alberta. We offer single species hunts for whitetail deer, mule deer, and moose. You may also make a combination hunt for any of the animals we hunt, or a combination of all 3.
Visit Big Knife Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Curtis Cassidy/Cody Rowledge - - 403-742-9699
Big Knife Outfitters

Bowhunting Safari Consultants Bowhunting Safari Consultants - The largest contributors to the Pope and Young Club's conservation hunt auctions since the beginning. Along with their partner outfitters, BSC has given enormous support over the years, and this year is no different. Bowhunters across the country rely on their experience and research to help them find the right outfitter. The Pope and Young Club owes a huge THANK YOU to Bowhunting Safari Consultants, and all the outfitters who have stepped up to support bowhunting. The funds raised from these hunts continues to provide support for our Conservation, Education and Outreach programs.
Visit Bowhunting Safari Consultants Website
Contact Info: Neil Summers - - 541-543-1823
Bowhunting Safari Consultants

Canada North Outfitting Canada North Outfitting - We are Canada's Premier Arctic Outfitter (Polar Bear - Muskox - Caribou - Atlantic Walrus - Grizzly Bear) For over three decades Canada North Outfitting has been catering to the needs of hunters from the world over Founded by Jerome and Helina Knap in 1981. Canada North Outfitting has pioneered Outfitting in the Arctic. Providing the first fully and professionally outfitted sport hunts to non resident hunters. From these humble beginnings we have grown to be one of the most trusted brands in the Outfitting Industry. Canada North is unique in operations as we partner with Inuit communities for the consumptive use of sustainable and reusable Arctic wildlife from the day we took out the first polar bear hunter at the mouth of Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island to the first muskox hunters on Prince of Wales Island out of Resolute, Nunavut. Canada North also pioneered sport hunting for walrus in 1995 after its' many year closure.
Visit Canada North Outfitting Website
Contact Info: Shane Black - - 780-438-7786
Canada North Outfitting

Canol Outfitters Canol Outfitters - Spans over 11,000 square miles in the heart of the Mackenzie Mountains. We offer hunts for Dall Sheep, Yukon Alaskan moose, and mountain caribou in some of the most remote and beautiful regions of Canada's Northwest Territories. Our base camp is located 75 miles south of the Arctic Circle along the Canol Heritage Trail. The area boasts a challenging yet rewarding hunting experience, with 9000 ft peaks, fast flowing rivers and abundant game.
Visit Canol Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Glenda Groat - - 867-444-4868
Canol Outfitters

Castle Creek Outfitters Castle Creek Outfitters - Pride themselves on a first class operation. A state licensed Idaho outfitting business is located in the Salmon-Challis National Forest, in the heart of the rugged Idaho Salmon River Mountains, long famous for its Idaho big game hunting, fishing, camping, horseback riding and pack trips. We offer Spring Black Bear hunting, summer pack trips and Fall Elk, Mule Deer and Black Bear hunts in the Salmon River Mountains. Lion, Big Horn Sheep, and Mountain Goat hunts are also available.
Visit Castle Creek Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Caleb Bergeleen - - 208-756-2548
Castle Creek Outfitters

Crow Creek Outfitters Crow Creek Outfitters - Have been serving hunters for more than 25 years in central Montana, providing fully guided hunting trips for all Montana Big Game species. Hunting both private and public lands with over 50,000 acres of private land leased for our hunter's exclusive use. Base camp is located on a 35,000 acre ranch with spike camps in the adjacent Lewis and Clark National Forest Lands at the north end of the Crazy Mountains and in the Little Belt Mountains east of the town of White Sulfur Springs, Montana. Base camp consists of a cozy log cook house serving some of the finest home cooked meals and desserts, a log bunkhouse complete with a hot shower and indoor plumbing. Guide quarters, corral and tack buildings round out the camp. The camp is nestled in the foothills of the Crazy Mountains at the edge of Comb Creek.
Visit Crow Creek Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Mike Parsons - - 406 267 3458
Crow Creek Outfitters

DADG MacDonald Outfitters DADG MacDonald Outfitters - Offer trips for clients that want to take advantage of our amazing hunting opportunities. Newfoundland and Labrador is the ultimate hunting destination, especially for big game like moose, rare woodland caribou and black bear. You will find an abundance of trophy-sized species on our pristine, challenging landscape.
Visit DADG MacDonald Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Amanda MacDonald - - 709-214-0946
DADG MacDonald Outfitters

Damara Dik-Dik Safaris Damara Dik-Dik Safaris - (Plains Game) Managed and owned by the family who built a lodge to perfection and transformed it into an exclusive, "Bowhunting only" ranch. Hunters may choose any of our ten hunting blinds (6 elevated and 4 ground) shooting up to 20 yards or "walk and stalk," should the client prefer. From years of experience we respect that bowhunters prefer to hunt on property that is exclusive for bowhunters, we also have various concessions for Rifle hunting. We also give our clients the opportunity and choice to have the lodge exclusively for themselves in other words no mixed groups.
Visit Damara Dik-Dik Safaris Website
Contact Info: Julio Lopes - - 264-81-122-1293
Damara Dik-Dik Safaris

Jack Creek Preserve Foundation Jack Creek Preserve Foundation - Hunting is an important part of our heritage and wildlife management in Montana, and is an important tool for managing the elk, deer and bear populations that reside and migrate through the Preserve. Hunting may not be for everyone, but it is a culturally important pastime that allows many people to deepen their appreciation and understanding of the land. To promote these beliefs, hunting opportunities are frequently made available through our partners, such as the Pope & Young Club and Wild Sheep Foundation for their fundraising efforts. Cabin lodging is provided and Preserve staff and Board members will assist the hunter to ensure that he or she enjoys a truly outstanding hunting experience.
Visit Jack Creek Preserve Foundation Website
Contact Info: Abigail King - - 406-682-3558
Jack Creek Preserve Foundation

Kramers Kodiak Guide Service Kramers Kodiak Guide Service - My background as a guide started in 2002 fresh out of high school from the Midwest & seeking adventure on Kodiak Island. I was very blessed to have started visiting Kodiak Island since the age of eleven to visit family that was there as Coast Guard getting the opportunity to hunt & fish a few times before moving in 2002. I was hired as a greenhorn packer for Mountain Goat, Sitka Blacktail Deer & Brown Bear. I wanted to soak up all the knowledge I could for Kodiak & over time expanded my experience throughout the state guiding hunters for moose, sheep, caribou, & grizzly bears. Visiting many of the top outfitter's lodges, cabins & tent camps I was able to see what worked & what didn't, what clients were pleased with & what they weren't... A fantastic experience to say the least. In 2006 I started Kramer's Kodiak Guide Service, a guide service mainly focusing on "hardcore" backpack Mountain Goat & Sitka Blacktail deer hunts & a few brown bear hunts in my areas.
Visit Kramers Kodiak Guide Service Website
Contact Info: Cole Kramer - - 907-539-6447
Kramers Kodiak Guide Service

La Guarida Ranch La Guarida Ranch - (Mule Deer - Desert Bighorn) Encompasses 20,000 acres (8,000 ha) located in the Tinaja Verde mountains, approximately 35 miles southwest of Presidio, TX., which is a historic territory of the desert bighorn sheep.The topography consist of rugged terrain with elevations from 4,200 ft. (1,280 m) to 7,000 ft. (2,140 m), making an excellent habitat for the desert sheep and the mule deer, as well as creating a demanding hunting experience.
Visit La Guarida Ranch Website
Contact Info: Jose Vallina - - 52-81-8174-8181
La Guarida Ranch

Liberty Ranch Outdoors Liberty Ranch Outdoors - We take great pride in providing a premier hunting experience for our guests. No matter your preference, we are equally concerned about the bow and gun hunter by paying close attention to feeder placements and stand locations. With proper identification of bedding grounds, natural grazing, and locations of supplement feeders, we can properly position our stands for great hunts. We also take into consideration stand placement during red and white oak tree acorn drops to help our hunters get the most out of their opportunity. Depending on your arrival time to the ranch, we are open to showing you around your general hunting area. This allows you to scope out the property and become comfortable in the area gearing up for the hunt.
Visit Liberty Ranch Outdoors Website
Contact Info: Jerry Mosely - - 918-607-3045
Liberty Ranch Outdoors

Monster Whitetail Outfitters Monster Whitetail Outfitters - (Iowa and Missouri whitetail) has nearly 9,000 free range acres for our Whitetail and Turkey hunts! 5,400 located in Putnam/Sullivan counties for our Missouri deer hunting and 3,800 acres in the famous Zone 5 for our Iowa deer hunting. We offer rifle hunting and bow hunting! The lodge is nestled in the beautiful country right outside of Cincinnati, Iowa and is only 2.5 miles North of the Missouri border! The Iowa & Missouri deer hunting lodge is 7,200 square foot and has 12 bedrooms which have 2 full size temperpedic beds in each. No bunk beds here!! Our bow hunting is second to no one!
Visit Monster Whitetail Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Joshua Sherrick - - 641 888 0742
Monster Whitetail Outfitters

Muskeg Country Outfitters Muskeg Country Outfitters - Hunts the thick woodlands, swamp and farmlands on the fringe of Riding Mountain National Park known as the "Black Bear factory of North America." This area has the perfect mix of untouched wilderness bordered by rich farmland, giving the bears abundant and diverse food sources. This mix, combined with superior genetics, grows some of the worlds largest bears.
Visit Muskeg Country Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Dean McCulloch - - 204 741 1021
Muskeg Country Outfitters

Perrins Rainy Pass Lodge Perrins Rainy Pass Lodge - Trophy hunting has been featured at Rainy Pass Lodge since it was built in 1937. Since then, hunters from around the world have been coming here to fullfil their hunting dreams. Guides Steve Perrins (Master Guide #123) and Buckey Winkley (Registered Guide #34) set a high standard for any huntsman or guide that makes Rainy Pass Lodge their base. The Lodge is one of the few places in Alaska where you can hunt for six species of big game from one camp; Dall Sheep, Grizzly/Brown Bear, Black Bear, Moose, Caribou, and Wolf. We still rely on horses in most of our hunting camps. Most of the hunts conducted at Rainy Pass Lodge are for a combination of two or three species. There is truly no other place like it.
Visit Perrins Rainy Pass Lodge Website
Contact Info: Steve Perrins - - 907-770-6304
Perrins Rainy Pass Lodge

Pointer Wingshooting Pointer Wingshooting - Eared Dove shooting is one of the most challenging and exciting shooting opportunities around the world. Dove shooting in Cordoba is as well-known as Driven Pheasant in the UK, ducks in Canada, Upland Pheasant in the Dakotas, or Quail hunting in Georgia. A regular program for dove shooting includes four nights at one of our Lodges. Hunters normally average three and a half days of shooting. That would be enough shooting for 99% of us, but if your shoulder allows you, you are welcome to stay for a longer time! Believe us. Dove shooting in Cordoba, Argentina, is going to change your perspective on hunting dove forever.
Visit Pointer Wingshooting Website
Contact Info: Wayne Graham - - 817-874-6376
Pointer Wingshooting

Ridgemaster Outfitting Ridgemaster Outfitting - We specialize in traditional Archery hunts! Ridgemaster Outfitting offers memorable, fair chase and quality hunts throughout all areas of Wyoming. We provide antelope, deer and elk hunts with either a bow or a rifle. We hunt on 100,000+ acres of private land along with hunts on BLM lands. Predator animals, which include the red fox, coyote, jack-rabbit and raccoon are open to hunting year-round without any license or permit. We have a high success ratio on all animals we’ve hunted over the past few years. Many were entered into the Pope & Young record book for archery and the Boone and Crockett record book for rifle. We keep our hunting camps relatively small, to ensure a more enjoyable and personal hunt. The archery camp is situated 1 hour North of Casper, Wyoming. You will be responsible for bringing your own gear, (i.e.: sleeping bag, clothing, toiletries, etc.) Taxidermy fees as well as meat processing are your own responsibility. DON”T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!
Visit Ridgemaster Outfitting Website
Contact Info: Chuck Cureton - - 307 265 8229
Ridgemaster Outfitting

Rincon Outfitters Rincon Outfitters - ARIZONA and MEXICO Coues Whitetail Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bear, Desert Mule Deer, Turkey, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Lion, Javelina and Small Game. Rincon Outfitters offers guided or outfitted hunts in the Southwestern US. All of our hunts are guided by our own professional guides, who are experienced, safety-oriented hunters with extensive knowledge of Southwestern species and regions. Rincon Outfitters focuses on guiding in the rugged, untamed state of Arizona.
Visit Rincon Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Robert - - 320-349-6497
Rincon Outfitters

Roberts Outfitting Roberts Outfitting - (Woodland caribou, Canadian moose, Black bear) We offer a 6-day hunt (Monday -Saturday with changeover on Sundays). All hunts are guided by experienced Big Game Hunting guides for both Moose and Caribou. Black bear are hunted in the Spring from tree stands over baits or in the Fall using both tree stands over baits or spot and stalk. Both camps have running hot and cold water, as well as, shower facilities. During your stay, you will be treated to home cooked meals and a friendly atmosphere.
Visit Roberts Outfitting Website
Contact Info: Annie Roberts - - 709-635-2251
Roberts Outfitting

Hunt Rogue Hunt Rogue - Whitetail deer and moose hunting outfitters in Alberta, Canada. "I have a passion for hunting and have been an outfitter/guide for over 19 years. I live in the hunting area and know the area and animals well. I spend the off season and early seasons scouting giving hunters a better opportunity of harvesting trophy whitetails and moose. As a professional Alberta hunting outfitter, I am known for having a keen sense for deer and moose and a dedication to hunters’ success, which is why most of our clients are returning hunters. My guides and I will give you 100%! We recognize the value of this potentially once in a lifetime adventure, and as a result have specifically designed this experience to indulge the patience and persistence of a genuine hunter.Prepare yourself for an unforgettable Alberta whitetail deer hunting and moose hunting experience!" - Tyler Shyry
Visit Hunt Rogue Website
Contact Info: Tyler Shyry - - 780-984-9475
Hunt Rogue

Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris - situated in the mountainous Eastern Cape where the Great Karoo meets Valley Bushveld. This means that the region is rated as the best African Hunting spot for Kudu in South Africa and a world-class Bow Hunting destination. Our various competitive hunting packages offer luxurious accommodation, set within 25,000 acres of malaria-free Fair Chase African Hunting preserve. Answer the call to the "Most Unforgettable African Hunting Experience!"
Visit Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris Website
Contact Info: Robert Birch - - 27 82 496 4398
Royal Karoo Hunting Safaris

Savage Encounters Savage Encounters - (Bear, Bighorn, Deer, Elk, Moose, Wolf, Sheep) Located North West of Calgary near Caroline, Alberta, Savage Encounters finds it's home nestled at the base of the eastern foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Hilly and swampy terrain with good cover of large pines and aspen guarantee that potential game reach maturity; this area is known worldwide for excellent trophy game. Chad "SAVAGE" Lenz, has lived in, and hunted this area for more than 30 years, giving him the advantage of experience when it comes to guiding hunters to the best possible locations. Chad's personal specialty lies in bow hunts. Having over 20 years bow hunting experience, his instincts and "know how" will be your best asset in assuring a trophy class encounter of the SAVAGE kind. With 4x4 crew cabs, amphibious ATV's & Quads, you'll not only find yourself safely arriving at your hunting area or stand ON TIME, but you'll also have no trouble getting back to our modern, clean & comfortable facilities at the end of each day. Our full time cooking staff will also be at the ready to whip you up an amazing home cooked meal.
Visit Savage Encounters Website
Contact Info: Chad Lenz - - 403 844 7603
Savage Encounters

South Peace Outfitters South Peace Outfitters - (Black bear, moose, elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, wolf, coyote, waterfowl; including duck & goose hunts, and fishing.) We offer hunting opportunities for black bear, moose, elk, whitetail deer, mule deer and waterfowl in an 1800 square mile area of the Peace River Region of northwestern Alberta, Canada. The region has a perfect balance of boreal forest and agricultural land and has a large population of trophy quality big game. There are three major river systems and numerous lakes, including Lesser Slave Lake, where you will see thousands of migrating and nesting ducks and geese and have an excellent time fishing for walleye, pike, perch, and trout.
Visit South Peace Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Don Lind - - 780 523 4455
South Peace Outfitters

Trophy Hunting Spain Trophy Hunting Spain - Owned & operated by Bruno Rosich, a Spanish Professional Hunter & Outfitter since 1995. THS is based in Barcelona, which is located in the NE part of Spain. It specializes in big game hunts throughout the Iberian Peninsula, mainly in private concessions, for Spanish Ibex (Beceite, Gredos, Southeastern & Ronda), Spanish Red Stag, European Fallow Deer, pure-breed Mouflon Sheep, Pyrenean & Cantabrian Chamois, European Roe Deer, Aoudad and Wild Boar. THS always hunts in the best areas in order to offer their clients the highest quality of trophies & service. We look forward to you joining us in this once in a lifetime experience.
Visit Trophy Hunting Spain Website
Contact Info: Bruno Bosich - - 34 938 973 603
Trophy Hunting Spain

Tuchodi River Outfitters Tuchodi River Outfitters - This hunting territory is renowned as one of the premier Stone Sheep and Elk hunting areas in Northeastern British Columbia. Furthermore, nowhere else in BC is the elk population thriving as it is in the Tuchodi Valley! As a result the high numbers of all trophy game animals make this a hunter’s paradise. For the past 30 years this area has been hunted conservatively, and we will continue to employ this strategy in years to come.
Visit Tuchodi River Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Monty Warren - - 250 263-5537
Tuchodi River Outfitters

Ward's Outfitters BSC Ward's Outfitters BSC - (Coues, mule deer, elk, javelina, Gould's turkey) A full time outfitting service dedicated to providing our clients the best opportunity to pursue trophy game. We have been a full-time outfitting service for over 15 years. Our guides are the best in the business and are professional hunters with years of experience hunting and guiding for the species we specialize in. Wardâ„¢s Outfitters guides and outfits a select number of clients per season as to keep our clients hunts as professional and personal as possible. Ward's Outfitters clients have maintained over 95% harvest rates over the past 15 years with multiple world record animals being taken. We invite you to get in touch for more information and to book your hunt.
Visit Ward's Outfitters BSC Website
Contact Info: Steven Ward - - 520-404-5114
Ward's Outfitters BSC

Wizard Lake Outfitting Wizard Lake Outfitting - We specialize in guided bow hunts for Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, and Moose in Alberta, Canada. Guided trophy Alberta big game hunting adventures and owned and operated by myself, Gunther Tondeleir and my wife Zabrina. We specialize in bow hunting and offer high success whitetail deer hunting, black bear hunting and moose hunting. I am an avid bow hunter having guided in Alberta since 1992 and outfitting since 2004. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta majoring in wildlife and rangeland management and I have personally harvested over 25 P&Y animals. As an outfitter I have received awards for top archery typical and non-typical whitetail deer from the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society.
Visit Wizard Lake Outfitting Website
Contact Info: Gunther Tondeleir - - 780-984-4868
Wizard Lake Outfitting

Yukon Stone Outfitters Yukon Stone Outfitters - Located in the heart of the Pelly Mountains in the wilderness of south central portion of Canada's Yukon Territory. We operate Yukon Hunting Concession #15 and this remote area is a special place where everything truly is as the Yukon Territory slogan says larger than life! This legendary Hunting Concession has been owned and operated in the past by some equally legendary guides/outfitters including Belle & Curly Desrosiers, Clay Martin, Randy Babala, and the Watsons. In 2012, mountain hunting veteran, Aaron Florian, purchased the business and is establishing the next era of the outfitting legacy in this concession, and we look forward to helping dreams come true for many years to come. Whether you are looking for majestic stone rams, big Yukon bull moose in rut, velvet or hard antlered mountain caribou, or the intensity of stalking a mountain grizzly bear, we have the hunt that suits your needs. Come join us in the Yukon for an adventure you will never forget!
Visit Yukon Stone Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Aaron Florian - - 867-334-9616
Yukon Stone Outfitters

AB Steyn Safaris AB Steyn Safaris - AB Steyn has more than 20 years experience as a professional big game hunter in Africa. AB Steyn Safaris is a family owned business based in South Africa, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. We conduct our hunts in the North West Province, Mpumalanga Province and Limpopo Province of South Africa. We have access to numerous plains game and dangerous game concessions. Some of the most pristine hunting areas in Africa. What makes us different is the fact that I conduct and guide the hunts myself. Personal attention and utmost professionalism when it comes to hunting.
Visit AB Steyn Safaris Website
Contact Info: Freddie Euten - - 828-289-8500
AB Steyn Safaris

Canadian High Arctic Adventures Canadian High Arctic Adventures - For several years Canadian High Arctic Adventures has been offering guided hunting opportunities for Polar Bear, Musk Ox, barren ground Grizzly Bear and Arctic Wolf. These hunts are conducted in the Arctic region of the Northwest Territories along with our Inuit partners. We work very closely with local villages and their hunters and trappers committees to secure the tags and local Inuit guides for the adventures.
Visit Canadian High Arctic Adventures Website
Contact Info: Gary Adams - - 517-812-0587
Canadian High Arctic Adventures

Canadian Wilderness Outfitters Canadian Wilderness Outfitters - We provide Big Game guiding services for Whitetail Deer and Black Bear in and around the Duck Mountains in Manitoba, Canada. Our bear and deer are a precious resource and by limiting the numbers of hunters we ensure high quality hunts, personalized service and optimum success. We also provide an all inclusive Arctic Circle Caribou hunt in Nunavut. This is the ultimate hunt and the experience of a lifetime. The actual hunt is only part of the experience and our goal is to provide you with the ultimate hunting adventure.
Visit Canadian Wilderness Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Scott Smith - - 204-525-2121
Canadian Wilderness Outfitters

Carter Outfitting, LTD. Carter Outfitting, LTD. - Carter Outfitting Ltd is one of Alberta’s premiere Big Game hunting Outfitters. Offering a wide variety of trophy hunts, from Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep to farmland Whitetail Deer and giant Canadian bull moose. Here at Carter Outfitting ltd., we also conduct hunts for Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Wolf and Coyote. Whether you are a rifle hunter or archery enthusiast, we will provide you with the finest guides, great accommodations and an all around quality experience. Our hunting area is very diverse, ranging from the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains to the farmland of central Alberta. Alberta boasts world record class Bighorn Sheep, Whitetail Deer, Moose, Elk and Black Bear, making it the destination of choice for the serious trophy hunter. Come explore our website and see the Alberta we want to share with you.
Visit Carter Outfitting, LTD. Website
Contact Info: Scott Carter - - 780-977-3500
Carter Outfitting, LTD.

Eden Ridge Outfitters Eden Ridge Outfitters - Eden Ridge Outfitters invites you to hunt Oregon, where we will help you to experience the thrill, challenge, and adventure of an Oregon wilderness, professionally guided big game hunt. As an Oregon hunting outfitter we specialize in combination elk hunts, blacktail deer hunts, and black bear hunts in the beautifully rugged country of Oregon.
Visit Eden Ridge Outfitters Website
Contact Info: John McCollum - - 541-290-2671
Eden Ridge Outfitters

Ken Moody Safaris Ken Moody Safaris - In 1992 U.S. Army Captain Ken Moody stepped away from commanding his tank company and joined the ranks of the hunting profession. Traveling to Africa, Ken opened Ken Moody Safaris and began to provide high quality bow and rifle hunting adventures to American clientele. From 2000 to 2008 Ken owned his own ranch in South Africa from which he ran his hunting operations on 50,000 acres of exclusive properties. Ken sold his ranch in '08 in order to expand operations throughout South Africa and now, nearly three decades later, KMS is still providing a standard of service above and beyond the norm. With over 3000 days in the bush Ken knows Africa. He has completed over 300 buffalo hunts, 100+ elephant hunts and countless plains game safaris. He has hunted in South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia and provided over 1000 safaris to happy, satisfied clients. "I have hunted Africa for nearly three decades. I know Africa and hunting Cape Buffalo is my passion! I will do my utmost in providing you with the hunting experience you deserve. Experience counts."
Visit Ken Moody Safaris Website
Contact Info: Ken Moody - - 931-260-5468
Ken Moody Safaris

Kinaskan Lake Outfitters Kinaskan Lake Outfitters - The Creyke family brings to the table 60+ years of experience, knowledge and expertise in outfitting/hunting. The Creyke Family are experienced Canadian sportsmen and conservationists. They pledge to give the visiting client the best possible value for their dollar, while at the same time promoting a sensible & balanced policy of game cropping and conservation. We have spent years exploring and developing our private allotted territory and welcome the visiting sportsmen to share a true wilderness experience in big game hunting. Our area is located in the Cassiar Mountains in north western British Columbia. We offer Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Black Bear, and Wolf.
Visit Kinaskan Lake Outfitters Website
Contact Info: Jerry Creyke - - 250-917-8839
Kinaskan Lake Outfitters

LAX-A EHF LAX-A EHF - Caribou and reindeer are of the same genus and species, Rangifer tarandus, and are differentiated only by sub-species. The feral-reindeer are larger than its indigenous Barren Ground Caribou but aside from that their appearance and habits are similar. Reindeer, pronounced Tuttu in Greenlandic, are of great importance to the Inuit as a source of meat, but also plays a role in their history, culture, and traditions. They can vary considerably in size, with females weighing up to 90 kg (198 lb) and male bulls 150 kg (331 lb). Reindeer hunting is a challenging experience involving great personal reward. Hunters can choose from various calibers to hunt Reindeer though the minimum. Hunters hunt the whole coastline with their guide until they spot the right trophy that they desire to take. Breakfast and dinner is served at the lodge, but while hunting, lunch packages will be brought. When the hunter has taken his trophy, the rest of the time can be spent fishing. It is also possible for the hunter to take another trophy, paid either beforehand or directly on the spot. Other hunting/shooting is also available upon request. We do recommend that hunters take some time off to go on sightseeing around the area. Some can be arranged by the local guides but some have to be booked in advance. Please turn to the staff at Lax-á for further assistance.
Visit LAX-A EHF Website
Contact Info: Karl Steinar Oskarsson - - +354-531-6100

Metanoia Ventures, LTD. Metanoia Ventures, LTD. - Metanoia Ventures is a hunting outfit based in the South Island of New Zealand, offering hunting opportunities in both the North and the South Island. We offer private estate hunting as well as true free range hunting. ​ We have access to some amazing country and can offer some fantastic opportunities to hunt Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Pigs, Goats, Wapiti, Chamois & Tahr. All guides at Metanoia Ventures are current registered members of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association and have completed the NZPHGA Professional Hunters Academy. ​ We also offer professional photography services for clients
Visit Metanoia Ventures, LTD. Website
Contact Info: Tomaz Jacques - - (+64) 21 237 6170
Metanoia Ventures, LTD.

Motshwere Safaris & Outfitters Motshwere Safaris & Outfitters - Motshwere Safaris and Outfitters are located close to the town Lephalale, which is in the Limpopo Province, SOUTH AFRICA. A hunting Safari in Africa is certainly one of those things, although judging by the number of people who come back year after year, once is clearly not enough for many of our clients. Motshwere Safaris is situated in a Malaria free area situated in the North West region of South Africa. With its wide variety of species and ideal terrain on Motshwere Safaris doorstep, it offers a unique Hunting and Photographic experience. Picture yourself on an African Safari, in idyllic hunting terrain, shooting some of the best trophies Africa has to offer; Then after the days hunt, dinning under the stars and relaxing beside the camp fire in a traditional Tshwana setting.
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Motshwere Safaris & Outfitters

Paco Riestra Paco Riestra - Paco Riestra is the result of the experience and innovation of a company that has been in business since 1994. Our Company Participates in numerous conventions held in places such as Las Vegas, Reno, Harrisburg and Madrid where we showcase our latest hunting adventures. We are active members of Safari Club Internacional and we make various donations to their differents chapters across the US. Our primary objetive, as hunters ourselves, is to offer our clients an experience that exceeds our own expectations. In 2009 we premiered La Peregrina, a luxurious lodge where one can hunt dove, pigeon, duck, perdiz and big game, all out of the same lodge! La Peregrina offers all the amenities for guests to enjoy and relax in the camaraderie of fellow hunters. We have been privileged to be a part of several shows such as Browning Expedition hosted by world-renowned sculptor and hunter, Stephen Leblanc, and Iberalia TV (an outdoor hunting channel spain). We have had the honor of hosting thousands of hunters from around the world including such greats as col. Creig Boddington, professional hunter and autho, as well Melissa Bachman, like a host of Winchester Deadly Passion in the outdoor Sportsman Channel in USA. In this website, we provide you with our most recent videos and will keep you abreast of our upcoming events. We hope that’s as your browse these webpages, you become familiar with our scenary, hunts, service, and that in the near future we have the pleasure of hosting your next hunting adventure.
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Paco Riestra

Parana Sunrise Hunting & Fishing Lodge Parana Sunrise Hunting & Fishing Lodge - Hola! I am Ivan, the outfitter of Parana Sunrise Hunting and Fishing Lodge. We have developed our exclusive hunting and fishing programs to provide our guests optimum results. Our luxury lodge offers you first-class cuisine and comfort. We employ the most experienced hunting and fishing guides in the Santa Fe province region. At Parana Sunrise, we have boats specially designed for casting (fly), new guns for rental, as well as a staff that will turn your next your next hunting or fishing trip into an unforgettable experience. We take care of all the details to ensure you have a perfect trip. I hope you enjoy our website, and I would be pleased to join you on your next hunting or fishing trip. Ivan, a native of Spain, relocated to Argentina over 15 years ago and has three beautiful children. Iván is devoted to our customers, assuring they have the experience they deserve.
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Parana Sunrise Hunting & Fishing Lodge

RedCrest Outfitters RedCrest Outfitters - RedCrest Outfitter offers prime crane hunting in Northern Oklahoma. We work hard to get you on birds. We put in the time scouting, and setting up. Lodging is included. Sandhill crane hunting is a very rewarding hunt. At any given time we can see from 10,000 to 50,000 sandhill cranes fill the sky around us to head to the feed fields. Where we hunt is in close proximity to one of the largest historic roost sites for all waterfowl through the central flyway on Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge. The hunt is a blast but the real show is watching the birds work and having them decoy in.
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Contact Info: Kaleb Williams - - 580-541-6958
RedCrest Outfitters

Reindeer Lake Trout Camp Reindeer Lake Trout Camp - Trout Camp provides fully guided, all inclusive, fishing and hunting experiences. No road access and in the middle of nowhere, it’s exactly where you want to be if you’ve shown up with a fishing rod in hand. There are very few places in the world like Trout Camp! Catch the biggest freshwater fish of your life during the day and do a tree stand bear hunt in the evening. Pack your favorite bow or rifle for this once-in-a-lifetime black bear hunting experience. Over 90% success rate on bear harvests. Come to Trout Camp for a 5-day fully guided, all-inclusive, totally remote experience led by local experts.
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Reindeer Lake Trout Camp

Webfoot Outfitters Webfoot Outfitters - Delivering an authentic hunting experience is what we're passionate about. Webfoot Outfitters is a fully licensed and insured professional hunting guide service. Providing fully guided Roosevelt Elk, Black Tail Deer, Waterfowl, and Turkey hunt experiences in Southern Oregon. With 20+ years of experience Webfoot has gained access to thousands of acres of private lands, timberlands, and leased agricultural properties all over the region. As expert outdoorsman, callers of wildlife, and our extensive trail cam network we can effectively manage wildlife and give our clients the best opportunity to fill their tags. Webfoot hunts can be tailored to fit all skill levels. Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend adventure with family or a rugged back country experience Webfoot delivers. We understand the importance of being an ethical and responsible Outfitter. And we take pride in implementing these practices in our profession everyday.
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Contact Info: Rich Flynn - - 541-661-6313
Webfoot Outfitters

Yukon Big Game Outfitters, LTD. Yukon Big Game Outfitters, LTD. - YBGO's concession is renowned for its wild and uncompromising land which is home to some of the most abundant big game found in the Yukon. Yukon Big Game Outfitters Ltd is insured and licensed by the Yukon Government. We hold the exclusive rights to guide clients in outfitting area #20; the largest outfitting concession in the Yukon. It is located in south-central Yukon, northeast of Whitehorse and covers approximately 14 million acres or 21,600 square miles of wilderness hunting ground. Our camps are remote and accessible only by plane or horseback. Millions of acres have never been touched, leaving the landscape, game and genetics much the way they were 50 years ago. The terrains very from scenic rugged mountains, giant vast plateaus, willow covered valleys and 100s of miles of rivers with countless lakes, including the mountain ranges of the Cassiar Mnts, Pelly Mnt and the Cambell Mnt Range with the highest peak being 7700 feet. Most of our adventures take place between 3000 and 6000 feet. YBGO's area may be one of the last great areas that is has not yet been explored. The past long standing outfitter, Doug Smarch, owned this area for 40 years and ran two key camps… Since taking over the area we continue to scout and set up in new areas for our clients’ adventure. The success our clients enjoy is outstanding and can be found in our hunt highlights report by request. YBGO is outfitted by Shawn and Sandra Raymond who live in Whitehorse Yukon where they are raising their family. Shawn & Sandra where raised in the north and Shawn has been in the outfitting business all of his adult life working in different Yukon and NWT areas for some well known outfitters where he learned what it takes to run Yukon's giant area. Shawn and Sandra also owned and ran Coal River Outfitters a BC stone sheep and moose area for 10 years in northeastern BC before stepping in YBGO in 2012. They can be found July through October in the area with their clients. We would like to wish you all good luck in your mountain travels and Thank you for considering one of our many adventures for your Yukon wilderness experiences.
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Yukon Big Game Outfitters, LTD.

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 Black Rifle Coffee Joins Pope & Young As Platinum Level Corporate Partner
The Pope & Young is proud to announces Black Rifle Coffee Company has committed to preserving, promoting and protecting the sport of bowhunting by joining Pope and Young as a Platinum level Corporate Partner.
11/30/2021... »

 Phone Skope Joins Forces
Pope & Young, North America’s leading bowhunter advocacy and conservation organization, is proud to announce that Phone Skope and Pyro Putty has committed to preserving, promoting and protecting the sport of bowhunting by joining Pope and Young as a Gold level Corporate Partner.
11/16/2021... »

 Anxynt Joins Pope & Young As a Silver Level Corporate Partner
The Pope & Young Club is proud to announce Anxynt has committed to preserving, promoting and protecting the sport of bowhunting by joining Pope and Young as a Silver level Corporate Partner.
11/2/2021... »

 Guidefitter Joins Pope & Young As a Silver Level Corporate Partner
Pope & Young is proud to announce Guidefitter has committed to preserving, promoting and protecting the sport of bowhunting by joining Pope and Young as a Silver level Corporate Partner. In addition to supporting the organization, they are offering P&Y members significant savings on products from participating brands on the Guidefitter website.
10/26/2021... »
Robert R. Spratt
Barber County, KS
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"We are extremely proud to partner with an organization that has always focused on conservation as well as establishing and maintaining the highest standards for ethical bowhunting. Our commitment to Pope & Young echoes our commitment to the sport of bowhunting and the conservation efforts that keep bowhunting traditions alive, strong and available for many future generations."
Jon Syverson, Chief Commercial Officer of FeraDyne Outdoors
"3Rivers Archery is thrilled to continue our support of the Pope & Young Club. P&Y is a great organization working to bring bowhunters together, while taking great strides in support of conservation efforts. P&Y is also the leading force in promoting fair-chase bowhunting."
Johnathan Karch, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for 3Rivers Archery
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