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To defend our passion, we must be committed, we must be vigilant, and we must be united.  We cannot do it alone.  This is not a fight reserved only for those in the record books.  We need every bowhunter, future bowhunter and potential bowhunter to join our ranks - those that aspire to see their names in the record book and those that may never have the opportunity but will still proudly wear the Pope and Young Badge.  Now is the time for us to Preserve, Promote, and Protect our Heritage, our Legacy, and our Future. 


Pope and Young has proudly documented and preserved bowhunting’s heritage for over 60 years.  Through our records keeping initiative, we have documented well over 100,000 harvests from bowhunters across the country.  Representatives from all 29 North American big game species harvested with recurve, longbow, and compound bow are documented in our record book.  These vast records have contributed significantly to the North American Model of Wildlife Management.  They have been used by wildlife agencies, state agencies and other hunting groups to aid in management decisions and establish seasons.  Most importantly, these records ensure we preserve our culture and our bowhunting heritage and sustainable wildlife populations for generations to come.  This dedication to Preserving our Heritage is at the core of Pope and Young and will forever be the founding pillar of our organization.


It is not enough to merely preserve our heritage.  It is our duty and responsibility to carry on the work of the icons of bowhunting such as Saxton Pope, Arthur Young, and Fred Bear, as well as Glenn St. Charles and our founding members.  Modern archery and bowhunting owe much of their success to these individuals, and it is our responsibility to continue the work they started over 100 years ago.  The club will promote the sport of bowhunting among all walks of life, young and old, inner city and rural America, man and woman, novice and expert to ensure bowhunting is always part of the North American fabric.  Helping Americans embrace the outdoor lifestyle, we will promote the benefits of free range, natural and organic nourishment that wild game can provide, and celebrate the ethical harvest and use of such game.  

We will always invite and encourage others to experience the adrenaline rush of intimate encounters with Big Game only found through bowhunting.  As such, Pope and Young will continue to work with state and local agencies to break down barriers to entry and introduce new participants to the spiritual awakening only bowhunting can provide.


Hunting is under attack.  There is no guarantee that our lifestyle and our heritage will be around for the next generation unless we actively defend it.  

Just this year, elected officials from Columbus, GA and Muscogee County looked to shut down bowhunting.  An ordinance, that if passed, would have adversely impacted the hunting privileges of thousands of bowhunters.  Pope and Young immediately stepped up, lending support to local bowhunting retailers and organizations to actively take a stand against this clear threat to our heritage.  Although we do not know where or when the next threat will surface, we know it will, and we as an organization will be there, fighting to defend our sport.  

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