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The Pope & Young Podcast
The Pope and Young Club is North America's premier voice for bowhunting. Follow us as we discuss bowhunting topics from around North America and the world with some of today's most accomplished bowhunters with your host
, Zack Walton.
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Episode 1: Jim Willems
We discuss the past, present, and future of the Pope and Young Club with President Jim Willems.

Episode 2: Ed Fanchin
Ed joins us to discuss the status of the Records Program and clarify how it is used to help bowhunters around North America.

Episode 3: M.R. James
Join us as we talk with M.R. James. M.R. has a resume unparalleled in bowhunting over the past 50 years. He started Bowhunter Magazine, hunted all over North America, spent 20 years on P&Y's Board of Directors... including multiple terms as the Club's President. M.R. shares stories about bowhunting, outdoor writing, and the P&Y Club.

Episode 4: Nick Muche and Jonah Stewart
Our first installment of Pope & Young NextGen episodes (a look at the next generation of Pope and Young members). Two younger members from Alaska, Nick Muche,
and Jonah Stewart, join us to talk about their experiences with P&Y from a young age, how to reach a younger generation of bowhunters and what it is like to take full advantage of the opportunities for a resident bowhunter in Alaska. 

Episode 5: Kyle Hudgins

This episode is our first installment of newer Pope & Young members that dove right in to involvement with the Club. Kyle Hudgins, from Texas, has been bowhunting for 30 years and chased all 29 North American big-game species along the way. He talks about his bowhunting adventures and why P&Y has helped shaped his bowhunting goals.

Episode 6: Mule Deer with Roy Grace
This is Part 1 of a 29-part series highlighting each species recognized by the Pope and Young Club Records Program. This podcast will cover mule deer and our special guest host is Roy Grace. Roy has bowhunted mule deer for 40 years with continued success. Join us as we discuss the characteristics of mule deer, and how to be more successful while bowhunting them. 

Episode 7: Chuck Adams
Join us as we have one of the most recognizable and most successful bowhunters in history, Chuck Adams, discuss his life as a bowhunter. Chuck was the first archer to successfully take the 27 species of North America--a feat he coined the "Super Slam" in 1990. He is also the most prolific outdoor writer in history having published more that 6,000 articles in his career. Chuck has had immense success in the field and has 188 official P&Y entries and has previously held 5 P&Y World's Records. 

Episode 8: Curt Wells

Join us on Episode 8 as we talk to Curt Wells. Curt has been bowhunting for 40 years and has spent most of the past decade as Editor for Bowhunter Magazine. Curt shares some of his bowhunting adventures with us and discusses what it is like to be involved in the outdoor industry. 

Episdoe 9: John and Jack Culpepper
Join us on this episode of the Pope & Young podcast as we begin our series of "Family Ties" features. The first in this series is with P&Y Director, Jack Culpepper and his son, John. Listen in as we discuss the outdoors, bowhunting, family and Pope & Young Club. Bowhunting and family are very important to the Pope & Young Club and also to the Culpeppers.

Episode 10: American (Rocky Mountain) Elk with Michael Park 
Join us as we talk with the Executive Director of the Pope & Young Club, Jason Rounsaville. Jason is in his first year in this new role and shares with us some of the responsibilities of the Executive Director from day-to-day, as well as some of the long-term goals for the Club.

Episode 11: P&Y Executive Director, Jason Rounsaville
Join us as we talk with the Executive Director of the Pope & Young Club, Jason Rounsaville. Jason is in his first year in this new role and shares with us some of the responsibilities of the Executive Director from day-to-day, as well as some of the long-term goals for the Club.

Episode 12: David Brinker At P&Y 31st Biennial Convention
Join us as musician and bowhunter Dave Brinker talks about the bowhunting, the music industry, relating to people as a songwriter and chasing your dreams.

Episode 13: Frank Noska

Join us as Alaska bowhunter, Frank Noska talks about bowhunting at the recent P&Y convention in Omaha. Frank is the only bowhunter to take all 29 species in North America... twice! Over the years, Frank has also entered more than 150 animals into the Pope and Young records program.

Episode 14: Vince Smith, Nebraska Traditional Archers

On this episode, we sat down with the President of the Nebraska Traditional Archers, Vince Smith. Vince talked to us about hunting the great state of Nebraska, traditional archery and getting kids involved in archery.

Episode 15: Bowhunting Safari Consultants
Join us on episode 15 as we sit with Neil Summers, Mark Buehrer and Jay Osting from Bowhunting Safari Consultants. BCS has been a long-time supporter of Pope & Young and helped hundreds of bowhunters over the years to have adventures of a lifetime. We talk about the past and future of bowhunting, rising costs and some of the threats to hunting culture. 

Episode 16: DIY Bowhunting With Ron Niziolek And Jason Stafford
This episode is about DIY bowhunting with a couple Wyoming residents Ron Niziolek and Jason Stafford. Ron and Jason have hunted all over the Western US for more than two decades with great success.  We discuss choosing a reliable hunting partner, having confidence to do an out-of-state DIY hunt and then have a little fun while raising more than $13,000 for the P&Y conservation fund! 

Episode 17: Pat LeFemine and Charlie Rehor of Bowsite
The last podcast from the P&Y convention is with the guys from Pat Lefemine and Charlie Rehor. Bowsite is one of the largest archery/bowhunting websites on the internet and has been since it began in 1996. Listen to Pat and Charlie talk about the changes in bowhunting and the internet over the past 23 years, their long-standing relationship with P&Y and how closely the two entities are related. We also discuss one of the highlights of the convention--the Bowsite meet-and-greet! 

Episode 18: Ray Howell of Kicking Bear Foundation
Join us for a special episode with bowhunter Ray Howell. Ray has chased animals all over North America and Africa with bow and arrow, but his real calling came two decades ago when he started Kicking Bear Foundation. Kicking Bear helps disadvantaged kids from all over the country to get exposure to the outdoors. The Foundation has touched the lives of countless children since its inception.  

Episode 19: 
Coues Deer with Miguel Morales
Another episode in the series of species profiles for the North American 29, this show is focused on Coues Deer. The smallest of the North American deer species, Coues deer inhabit the desert of the Southwestern US and northern Mexico. A small, cagey critter, Coues deer offer one of the most difficult challenges for bowhunters today. Arizona resident and Coues deer veteran Miguel Morales joins us today to chat about his passion--bowhunting Coues deer. 

Episode 20: Convention with Jason and Heather
Join us for a talk about the upcoming 2020 Pope and Young Convention in Chantilly, Virginia. This is the first year P&Y has gone to an annual convention and the amount activities, speakers, sights and surprises are very exciting. Executive Director Jason Rounsaville and Event coordinator Heather Knight discuss all the ins-and-outs of the convention and give visitors a great idea of what to expect next month. 

Episode 21: P&Y Junior Outdoors Program
Join us for a discussion with Youth Coordinator Justin Broughton, youth committee member Kia Gjorrass and longtime P&Y member Dan Evenson. We discuss increasing youth involvement within The Club and the launch of the Junior Outdoors Program. 

Wilderness Attitude Podcasts
The #1 Podcast For People Who Love Life in The Wilderness. Adventure, Health, Hunting, Food, Gear & Stories With an Ethical & Conservational Mindset.
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Dallas Smith

On this podcast, we sit down with Dallas Smith, who has hunted 44 consecutive years. He has an interesting perspective on sharing the outdoors with non-hunters and the journey he's taken to gain this perspective.

Harv Ebers

Harv Ebers is one of the original members of the Pope and Young Club. In this podcast, we get a chance to hear about some of his memorable stories and his life-long commitment to Pope and Young and the outdoors.

Jack Frost

Dr. Jack Frost has been a bowhunter for over 64 years and is a long-time member of The Pope and Young Club. In this podcast, Jack tells us what he has learned over the years as an avid outdoorsman and bowhunter. He also shares some of his most memorable adventures, his brush with death, and even recites a great poem.


Tom Hoffman & Lincoln Tapp

This week, we have the honor of welcoming 15-year-old avid bowman, Lincoln Tapp and self-proclaimed bowhunting addict, Tom Hoffman. Lincoln and Tom share with us their most memorable stories and adventures in the outdoors and Lincoln tells us how Tom has mentored him over the years to become the bowhunter he is today. Also, Tom shares an audio clip of his then 92-year-old dad, reciting a song he learned in 1918.

Scott Bakken - HHA

This week's guest is Scott Bakken from HHA Sports. Scott talks about his Wisconsin roots, his passion for whitetail hunting and his new found love of elk hunting. Scott also discusses the HHA Sports Military program and the VR-22 sight which brings awareness to the 22 veterans who take their own lives every day due to PTSD.

Tom Nelson

This week's guest is Tom Nelson, host of Cabela's American Archer on the Outdoor Channel. Tom has been shooting a bow and arrow for almost 50 years and has been the host of American Archer since 1997. Tom talks about his connection to the outdoors, reflects back on getting his first bow at the age of 7 and shares many adventures he has been blessed to experience over his lifetime, including his first deer hunt. 

Larry Jones

This week we sit down with longtime outdoorsman, wildlife videographer and outdoor writer, Larry Jones. Larry has been an avid bowhunter since 1961 and has had the opportunity to hunt and film all over the world. He is a Bowhunters Hall of Fame inductee and has an Alaskan moose ranked in the top 10 in the Pope and Young record books. Larry shares some of his adventures including his first hunt in Africa, his encounter with a rooster as a child and a trip to Kodiak island with his son where their campsite was flooded and he lost $15,000 of camera gear.

Bob DeLaney

This week's guest, Bob Delaney, found his love for archery at the age of 11 but did not become a serious bowhunter until he was 58. He is now an avid archer at the age of 80 and is a board member of S3DA (Scholastic 3D Archery), USAA Archery Level II Instructor and the Trust Officer for the Pope & Young Club. Bob talks about his involvement with S3DA, tells an amazing story of hunting Cape buffalo in Africa and talks about the importance of safety in bowhunting.

Lew Webb

This week, we are joined by avid bowhunter, Lew Webb. Lew began shooting a bow when he was just 7 years old and has been hunting ever since, which was 51 years ago. Lew talks about how the wilderness effects him spiritually and shares a few stories from his childhood and also an epic sheep hunt adventure in Idaho.

Curt Wells - Bowhunter Magazine

Bowhunter Magazine editor & co-host of Bowhunter TV, Curt Wells joins me this week to talk about everything bowhunting. Curt, who has been bowhunting for over 36 years, talks about selling his first article to Bowhunter Magazine in 1985, how important practice and fitness are in bowhunting, and what he has learned from hunting with the cameras rolling. He also shares a few of his most exciting hunts, his favorite places to hunt, and how to make the perfect frontal shot.

Rick Mowery - P&Y

If you haven't heard of Pope & Young Club or would like to know more about the organization, this is the podcast for you. This week we are joined by the Communications Manager for Pope & Young, Rick Mowery. Rick picked up a bow at the age of 15 & has been bowhunting ever since. We talk about all the ways he has been involved in the sport & the importance of Pope & Young continuing to spread their mission of ethics, conservation & education to protect the future of bowhunting.

Scott Bakken - HHA and Heather Knight - P&Y

We welcome Director of Sales & Marketing at HHA Sports, Scott Bakken and Event Coordinator for Pope and Young Club, Heather Knight. We catch up with Scott & Heather about what HHA and Pope & Young have been up to so far in 2018 and Scott shares his latest adventures at some archery challenges and a close encounter with a rattlesnake on a pig hunt in Texas.

Butch Whiting & Justin Sparks - Kryptek

I'm sure you have heard of Kryptek camo but have you heard the backstory of how it came to be? We are joined by Co-Founder & CEO Butch Whiting, and VP of Operations Justin Sparks to hear the amazing story that started as a daydream in Iraq & turned into the only of it's kind in tactical hunting camo gear.

Peter Barela - Barela's Alaskan Outfitters

Peter Barela is an Alaska hunting & fishing guide & owner of Barela's Alaskan Outfitters. Peter is an avid bowhunter who grew up in Colorado and was seeking more adventure which led him to Alaska in 1990.


Jim Willems - President of P&Y

We have talked a lot about Wildlife Conservation & Wildlife Preservation on the podcast but, there is still a major disconnect today with understanding the fundamentals of it all. So, we are pleased to finally welcome the President of the Pope & Young Club, Jim Willems, to clear it all up.

Jon Syverson - CCO of FeraDyne Outdoors

For all you archery gearheads out there, we are joined by the Chief Commercial Officer of FeraDyne Outdoors, Jon Syverson. Jon has been in the hunting & outdoor industry for over a decade and is one of the most knowledgeable people in the archery industry. Jon talks about how he got involved with FeraDyne Outdoors, how the company has become what it is today and some of the awesome products they are making to create better ethical bowhunters. He talks about the advancements in the broadheads they are making, his involvement in educating people & commissions about mechanical broadheads and how the industry has evolved over the last 30 years. We also talk about his involvement in the Pope & Young club, why it is so near & dear to his heart and why he believes every archer & bowhunter should be a member of this amazing organization.

Pope & Young Club Logos

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Corporate Partner Program Information
The Pope & Young Club is a 501 c3 non-profit organization working to protect and defend wildlife and bowhunting across North America.  You may be familiar with our records program but we are far more than just the keeper of the records.

The P&Y Corporate Partner Program is one of the primary funding sources for the P&Y Club’s Conservation, Education & Outreach projects. This fund supports wildlife research, education, pro-bowhunting activities, partnerships, wildlife conservation projects, and youth programs. We rely on companies like yours to raise funds to support these efforts and to further our mission.

The mission of the Pope and Young Club is, “To protect the future of our bowhunting heritage, promote conservation and welfare of habitat and wildlife.” We have given more than 1 million dollars to conservation and education programs across North America. Our conservation programs include Wild Harvest Initiative, Isle Royal Moose Study, Farmers, and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, National Wildlife Federation Howe Peak/Deadman Sheep Endowment Fund, Jack Creek Preserve Foundation, the Bitterroot Elk Project, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, American Wildlife Conservation Partners, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Orion - The Hunters Institute, National Conservation Leadership Institute, National Bowhunter Education Foundation,
U.S. Sportsmans Alliance, National Archery in the Schools program, Scholastic
3-D Archery. Mule Deer Foundation, Wyoming Male Mule Deer Study and Winter Range Study, and many others.

We are always looking for conservation-minded companies, who are committed to our bowhunting heritage, to help us accomplish our mission. We have put together a few deliverables to give our partners recognition as supporters, exposure, and access to our membership. We will be offering free booth opportunities exclusively for our Corporate Partners during our convention. Pope and Young Club Corporate Partners will be prominently displayed throughout the event and be given a booth with the opportunity to sell and demo their gear.

Partnering with the Pope and Young Club would be a great way to introduce your brand to our membership, which is composed of very serious bowhunters. The entry-level annual partnership costs less than a single print ad. This program allows companies to show their support for our bowhunting heritage. A heritage that has given, both bowhunters and bowhunting companies, so much. An opportunity to "give back" and help us protect and defend our bowhunting heritage.

Having your company as an ally in bowhunting preservation is good for you, good for the Pope and Young Club, and good for the future of bowhunting. We can customize any level to fit your specific needs. Through this program, we would help promote your company in our 88-pg. quarterly magazine, The Ethic. This high-end publication is mailed to every P&Y member four times per year. We can also help run promotions and announcements on our social media pages and direct-to-member specials through our weekly member-only eblasts. Plus, our website will prominently feature your logo on our
landing page.

Our mission to protect North American big game, their habitat, and the heritage of bowhunting is an honorable one, and we would like to have you on board with us!

Click here for a list of levels and benefits.

Ethic Magazine

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Media Contact:
Rick Mowery
Pope & Young Club
Communications/Marketing Manager




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 Pope & Young’s Updated Position Statement on the Use of Tracking Dogs
We recently updated their position statement on the use of tracking dogs. Pope and Young has always promoted the fair and ethical pursuit of games species, and as an organization constantly reviews stances on the wide variety of issues that can impact fair chase, and the harvest and recovery of game.
10/12/2021... »

 Selway Archery Joins Pope & Young as SILVER Level Corporate Partner
The Pope & Young Club is proud to announce Selway Archery has committed to preserving, promoting, and protecting the sport of bowhunting by joining Pope and Young as a Silver level Corporate Partner.
10/5/2021... »

 Dr. Kevin Monteith Honored with the P&Y Lee Gladfelter Memorial Award
Pope and Young, America’s leading bowhunting organization recently recognized Dr. Kevin Monteith, from the University of Wyoming, as the recipient of the Pope and Young Club’s Lee Gladfelter Memorial Award. This award is named after Lee Gladfelter, a prominent wildlife biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and a dedicated bowhunter.
9/28/2021... »

 The Wildlife Law Enforcement Award
We recently honored Colorado Parks & Wildlife Officer Evan Jones with the Pope & Young Club’s Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer Award. This award acknowledges wildlife law enforcement officers for outstanding work related to wildlife violations associated with the Club’s 29 recognized big game species.
9/21/2021... »
Robert R. Spratt
Barber County, KS
5/18/2021 - 5/24/2021

Testimonials | View All
"Xpedition Archery is excited to continue our partnership with the P&Y Club. The tradition of fair chase, ethical bow hunting is at their core and ours. We believe strong partnerships with conservation-based organizations, like Pope & Young, will protect and enhance our bow hunting heritage. We applaud the efforts put forth by the P&Y club and look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come."
Curt Headington, V.P. Xpedition Archery
"The Pope and Young Clubs commitment to ensuring bowhuntings existence for future generations is exactly why this relationship is a natural fit for KUIU. We are excited to be a part of such a great organization that has done so much to protect our rich bowhunting heritage and values. As a company, KUIU is thrilled to continue our affiliation with The Pope & Young Club. Their commitment to ethical hunting, conservation, and accuracy of reporting is a perfect match for KUIU's philosophy of tr"
KUIU Founder Jason Hairston.
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