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The Pope & Young Club is dedicated to ensuring bowhunting for future generations by preserving and promoting its heritage and values. And we need your help.
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 Public-Land Transfer Spells Trouble For Sportsmen
Most sportsmen are aware of it by now — our federally protected public lands are in serious jeopardy as politicians push for legislation to transfer these lands into the hands of individual states.
2/21/2017... »

 The Pope And Young Club Announces A Potential New World's Record Desert Bighorn
On November 21, 2016, Tony Loop of Appling, Georgia closed within 30 yards above the largest ram he had ever seen. The time seemed to stand still. Finally, the arrow found its mark
2/14/2017... »

 The Pope And Young Club Announces A Potential New World's Record American Elk
This American elk has an initial entry score that could surpass the existing World's Record by over 17 inches.
2/10/2017... »

 The Pope And Young Club Announces A Potential New World's Record Non-Typical Coues Deer
Terry Edwards' Coues deer has an initial entry score that could shatter the existing Non-Typical Coues deer World's Record. Its initial entry score of 141 5/8 is still subject to Panel Judging verification.
1/27/2017... »
Kennie Harris
Somerville County, TX
1/5/2017 - 1/11/2017

Testimonials | View All
"FeraDyne Outdoors is very excited about our partnership with the Pope and Young Club, We are extremely proud to support such a great organization, personally and as a company. We want to help protect and support the sport of bowhunting, and the ethical pursuit of the animals which we all love."
Jon Syverson, V.P. of Sales & Marketing for FeraDyne Outdoors
"Conservation and preserving the tradition of bowhunting is so important to Mathews and those who choose Mathews on their fair chase hunts. Weve always supported the Pope and Young Clubs effort to ensure our heritage continues for future generations and we are excited to formally recognize this support. We applaud the Pope and Young Club for standing up as advocates for the sport we all love so much."
Joel Maxfield, V.P. of Marketing at Mathews Archery
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