"Slipping up the Backtrail" Limited Edition Print
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3rd Conservation Print (2005). "Slipping Up the Backtrail," by Desmond McCaffrey. 100% of proceeds goes to wildlife conservation and pro-hunting projects through the Pope & Young Conservation Program. Continuing the tradition of creating a limited edition conservation fundraising print in conjunction with the publication of new editions of the all-time record books, the Pope & Young Club introduces its 2005 Conservation Print. Commissioned by the Pope & Young Club, Alberta wildlife artist Desmond McCaffrey has created the Club’s 3rd Conservation Print. The scene depicts a northwoods field edge with a bowhunter’s attention focused on a small buck – in fact, the hunter is drawing to shoot. Meanwhile, a super buck emerges from the woods, totally undetected by the hunter. Any veteran bowhunter will appreciate the subtle humor and relate to the experience. 100% of the proceeds goes directly to the Pope & Young Conservation Program to support vital projects in area of wildlife research, wildlife management, youth education, pro-hunting efforts and partnerships.