The Traditional Journey Continues
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The Clubs second traditional record book, listing recurve and longbow harvested animals from the all-time Records. The second in a series of books chronicling the foundations and spirit of hunting with the bow and arrow. The Traditional Journey Continues is an easy-reading collection of stories, bridging more than a century, about how hunting with the bow and arrow can, and does, positively impact our lives. This book’s editor, Member M. R. James, notes “this is a book for every single bowhunter out there! It’s designed to inspire and inform readers of bowhunting’s enduring legacy. The book is a celebration of ‘rolling up our sleeves and getting busy’ at bowhunting!” Read the story of Ishi as told by his friend and hunting companion Will “Chief” Compton. Join Dr. Saxton Pope as he relates Art Young’s adventures in Alaska in the early 1920s. Glenn St. Charles’ personal account of taking his first-ever deer on a snowy Washington State wilderness hunt, and Fred Bear’s personal account of tagging a Wyoming elk in 1952, will have you feeling you were right there experiencing it all with them. Contemporary authors, Fred Asbell, John Gardner, Marv Clyncke, Len Cardinale, Doug Clayton, Mike Schlegel, Jay St. Charles and Glenn Hisey, dive into the feelings and emotions we experience with participation in the varied activities known as bowhunting. This book also documents the continued success and effectiveness of the simple bow and arrow - ample evidendence of the effectiveness of the skilled archer using simple equipment. Listed are all traditional-equipment-taken animals in the Pope & Young Records Program, in all species categories, entered into the Records through January 1, 2013. A Multitude of great field photos enhance the listings. Informative, inspiring and timeless, this book is a must for every bowhunter’s personal library. Order your copy today!