A Traditional Journey
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The Clubs first traditional record book, listing recurve and longbow harvested animals from the all-time Records. This is not a record book, though it does contain a listing of record animals taken with traditional bows. Instead, it’s an epic cross-section of the SPIRIT – the soul – of hunting with the bow and arrow. Whether you shoot a recurve, longbow or a compound, this book will speak to you. Thought-provoking chapters and commentary explore the principles and values of bowhunting. Hunting stories from five different eras (including original texts from Saxton Pope, Fred Bear, Glenn St. Charles, Nathan Andersohn and Pat Lefemine) compare and contrast the spirit, excitement and language over nearly 100 years of hunting with the bow and arrow. Additional chapters provide a sampling of the finer aspects of the art and craft of bowhunting: stalking, hunting from the ground, instinctive shooting, the fun of shooting bows, bow building and customizing arrows. Contributors include T. J. Conrads, Dale Karch, Monty Browning, Marv Clyncke, G. Fred Asbell, Harvard Ebers, Fred Richter, Fred Eichler, Jay St. Charles, Tom Parsons and Dwight Schuh. More than 7,750 record book entries taken with a longbow, recurve or selfbow (deadline 1/1/2007). Full color photos throughout the book. A book for every bowhunter’s library – interesting, informational, inspiring and timeless.