6th Edition Bowhunting Big Game Records of North America
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The sixth of the Pope & Young Club’s bowhunting record book series, Bowhunting Big Game Records of North America, 6th Edition, is a 856-page volume, including 62,690 entries – all entries in the Records Program through January 1, 2005. The comprehensive listing of entries includes the final score, selected measurements, location, date of kill, hunter’s name and all-time rank. The listings are sorted by species and then by score in descending order. The book features portrait photos and field photos for the World’s Records and first-person-account stories of the hunts that produced these World’s Records. Featured editorial content includes a discussion of the values of hunting and the development and stages of a hunter. Dr. Dave Samuel addresses this thought-provoking topic wrapped around a series of stories by bowhunters ranging in age from 11 to 75 which provides a unique and entertaining look into the importance that bowhunting has in our lives. A special chapter details the Club’s Museum Program and how we are working to increase the awareness and appreciation of our history and heritage. A CD-Rom of the records is included with this record book. The CD Contains a digital version of the full record book (in .pdf format) as well as the records information in database format (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and comma delimited files). Popularly sought-after and requested, this format allows users to personally sort the data fields at their choosing on their PC. This book not only recognizes and honors these extraordinary examples of North American big game, it also traces the past and present health of these wildlife populations and offers indisputable evidence of the continued success of hunting as a wildlife management tool. Perhaps as importantly, the pages of this publication are a testimonial to the spirit and time-honored traditions of the hunt and harvest.