5th Edition Bowhunting Big Game Records of North America
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This hardbound record book was published in 1999, and contains 768 pages of data. As a serious bowhunter, you certainly should want to obtain the various editions of the Pope & Young Club’s Bowhunting Big Game Records of North America. The 5th Edition contains a complete listing of over 41,000 trophies taken with a bow and arrow in fair chase and entered into the Records Program prior to January 1, 1999. This comprehensive listing of entries received by the Club includes 33 World’s Records and outstanding artwork by Michael Sieve. Informative articles on the past, present and future of the Pope & Young Club, the future of hunting in the 21st Century, ethics, the Club’s Museum, Dr. Saxton Pope, and much more, make this book one of the finest archery books every produced.