3rd Edition Bowhunting Records of North American Whitetail Deer
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The 3rd Edition, published in 2009, is a must for any hunter’s or whitetail deer enthusiast’s personal library. Bowhunting Records of North American Whitetail Deer, 3rd Edition, is designed as a handy, information-packed resource tool. State and provincial listings are separated and ranked in numerical order by final score. Scientific data gleaned from the scoring forms in the archives, including final score, length of main beams, inside spread, number of points, county where harvested, hunter’s name, year taken, all-time rank and state rank, are given for each specimen listed. The listings are enhanced with portrait photographs of the largest deer, typical and non-typical, for each state and province. Also featured are dozens and dozens of quality field photos and entry density maps for each state. WT III is an 850-page hardcover book, listing more than 45,000 whitetail deer and Coues’ deer entries from the Records archives. Included are all entries accepted into the Records Program through January 1, 2009. The book, edited by Pope & Young member Curt Wells, contains a wealth of whitetail deer knowledge…sure to make you a better bowhunter. Dr. Dave Samuel and Bob Zaiglin discuss how to age deer “on the hoof” and many of the myths surrounding scrapes and rubs. M. R. James and G. Fred Asbell detail the challenges of ground hunting. Dr. Jack Frost explains the biology of the killing power of a broadhead – even the most experienced bowhunter will learn valuable tidbits. Also included are historical articles about the birth of bowhunting seasons (Wisconsin) and a retrospective with Mel Johnson – the bowhunter who took the current World’s Record typical whitetail deer…more than 40 years ago.