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  Alaska Brown Bear
Hunter: Jack Brittingham
Score: 29 3/16
Location: Lake Iliamna, AK
Year Taken: 5/12/2004
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  Alaska Brown Bear
Hunter: Gus A. Congemi
Score: 29
Location: Ugashik Lake, AK
Year Taken: 10/4/2011
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Hunter: Clay J. Evans
Score: 28 14/16
Location: Kodiak Island, AK
Year Taken: 5/6/15
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  Alaska Brown Bear
Hunter: Larry Lee Francis, Jr.
Score: 28 10/16
Location: Black Lake, AK
Year Taken: 5/16/2006
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  Alaska Brown Bear
Hunter: Monty Browning
Score: 28 7/16
Location: Ursus Cove, AK
Year Taken: 10/9/1995
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  Alaska Brown Bear
Hunter: John D. Jack Frost
Score: 28 7/16
Location: Unimak Island, AK
Year Taken: 5/20/1985
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  Alaska Brown Bear
Hunter: James R. Gabrick
Score: 28 6/16
Location: Sturgeon River, AK
Year Taken: 10/29/2007
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  Alaska Brown Bear
Hunter: Jim Horneck
Score: 28 3/16
Location: Kodiak Island, AK
Year Taken: 4/27/2009
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Hunter: Lee Lakosky
Score: 28 2/16
Location: Kodiak Island, AK
Year Taken: 11/3/15
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  Alaska Brown Bear
Hunter: Fred E. Neitzel
Score: 28
Location: Nushugak River, AK
Year Taken: 5/14/2011
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 Pope & Young Introduces The Pope and Young Podcast
The Pope and Young Club would like to welcome all bowhunters to check out their newest tool aimed at reaching out to the next generation of bowhunters.
7/26/2018... »

 Pope and Young Club Names New Executive Director
The Pope and Young Club has named Jason Rounsaville, formerly with Ducks Unlimited, as the Club's Executive Director.
6/22/2018... »

 Pope And Young Club Names World Record Non-Typical Coues' Deer
On May 19th, at a Cabela's in Phoenix Arizona, Marvin Zieser, Corky Richardson, Roy Grace and Ed Fanchin convened a P&Y Special Panel of Judges to measure a non-typical Coues deer taken by Wesley Ely of Wilcox, Arizona.
5/29/2018... »

 Pope & Young Announces The Outdoor Film Festival Tour To Attend The 2018 Bowhunters Rendezvous
Friday, June 8th and Saturday, June 9th, at dusk the Outdoor Film Tour will be presenting films to the 2018 Bowhunters Rendezvous attendees at the MacKenzie Center in Poynette, Wisconsin.
5/8/2018... »
Nathan Andersohn
Kobuk river, AK
8/10/2018 - 8/16/2018

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"The Pope and Young Club is on the forefront of the movement to support bowhunters in their pursuits. As our brand strives to protect habitat, provide access to hunters and educate the public on hunting ethics and stewardship, we couldn't think of a better partner than the Pope and Young Club."
Ben O'Brien, YETIŽ Hunting Marketing Manager
"Lumenok is thrilled to be partnered with the Pope and Young Club. Their commitment to protecting the future of bowhunting and promoting the conservation of habitat and wildlife is unparalleled and we, at Lumenok, are proud to be a part of that."
Curtis Price, President of the Burt Coyote Co., Inc.
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