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  Quebec-Labrador Caribou
Hunter: Carol Ann Mauch
Score: 434
Location: Tunulik River, QUE
Year Taken: 9/21/1984
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  Quebec-Labrador Caribou
Hunter: Bob Foulkrod
Score: 429 1/8
Location: Delay River, QUE
Year Taken: 9/13/1985
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Hunter: Woody Groves
Score: 424 2/8
Location: Clear Water Lake, QUE
Year Taken: 10/3/05
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  Quebec-Labrador Caribou
Hunter: Patricio Sada Muguerza
Score: 419 4/8
Location: Natuak Lake, QUE
Year Taken: 9/2/1993
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  Quebec-Labrador Caribou
Hunter: Ricardo L. Garza
Score: 416 6/8
Location: Lake Consigny, QUE
Year Taken: 9/5/1989
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  Quebec-Labrador Caribou
Hunter: Collins F. Kellogg
Score: 416 5/8
Location: George River, QUE
Year Taken: 9/24/1978
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  Quebec-Labrador Caribou
Hunter: Dr. Woodallen G. Snyder
Score: 415 7/8
Location: Ungava Bay, QUE
Year Taken: 9/26/1984
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  Quebec-Labrador Caribou
Hunter: Gary Robbins
Score: 412 7/8
Location: LG4, QUE
Year Taken: 9/20/1990
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  Quebec-Labrador Caribou
Hunter: Leonard L. Campbell
Score: 412 2/8
Location: Delay River, QUE
Year Taken: 9/3/1995
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  Quebec-Labrador Caribou
Hunter: Richard S. Neely
Score: 411 4/8
Location: Ungava Region, QUE
Year Taken: 8/31/1977
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 Andrew McKean to Speak at 2021 Pope & Young Convention
Pope and Young, America’s leading bowhunting organization is proud to announce the addition of Andrew McKean to their speaker line up at the 32nd Biennial Pope and Young Convention being held in Reno, Nevada this July 14th-17th,2021.
5/3/2021... »

 2021 Convention Can't Miss Opportunities
April 29th, 2021- Pope and Young, Americas leading bowhunting organization announces an incredible line up of world class hunts to be auctioned off as part of their 60th anniversary. The live auction will take place at their Bi-annual convention taking place in Reno, NV, July 14-17th.
4/29/2021... »

 Convention Early Bird Special
The Pope & Young Club is pleased to announce an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in attending the 2021 Pope & Young Convention in Reno, Nevada this July.
4/21/2021... »

 Michael Waddell Joins Star-Studded Lineup
The Pope & Young Club is proud to announce that Michael Waddell of The Bone Collector television show will be the Keynote Speaker Friday night at their 60th Anniversary Convention. The Club is proud to have Waddell in attendance to share his passion for hunting and the outdoors.
4/19/2021... »
Timothy Vance
Goodwin Lake, BC
5/4/2021 - 5/10/2021

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"The Pope & Young Club is the premiere, no, the only bowhunting organization that is working tirelessly to protect and preserve bowhunting. There are no longer any excuses for not supporting Pope & Young. If you aren't a member, you should seriously consider signing on."
Curt Wells, Editor Bowhunter Magazine
"HHA Sports is proud and honored to be continuing and growing our partnership with the Pope & Young Club. After attending the Biennial Convention, we witnessed first-hand the efforts put forth by the Club to promote conservation and ethical hunting practices as well as preserve the heritage of bowhunting. The Pope & Young Club is the history of bowhunting, and the money they raise through their Corporate Partner Program and other initiatives help protect and grow the sport of archery and bowhunti"
Scott Bakken, Director of Sales and Marketing for HHA Sports, Inc.
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