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    EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 Pope and Young Club to Celebrate Grand Re-Opening of the P&Y/Glenn St. Charles Museum of Bowhunting During Chatfield Western Days
Date Posted: Thursday, July 16, 2020 | All News

EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 Pope and Young Club to Celebrate Grand Re-Opening of the P&Y/Glenn St. Charles Museum of Bowhunting During Chatfield Western Days
The Pope and Young will be celebrating the grand re-opening of the P&Y/Glenn St. Charles Museum of Bowhunting in conjunction with Chatfield’s Western Days celebration, Aug. 7th, and 8th, from 8 am to 5 pm. Western Days is an annual celebration for the town that is home to the headquarters of the Pope and Young Club. 2020 marks the 53rd year of the celebration, which started in 1967.

The P&Y/Glenn St. Charles Museum of Bowhunting is the singular, crowning testimony to North America's rich bowhunting heritage, a place to learn about bowhunting's history, a place to appreciate bowhunting's "rediscovery," and a place to understand bowhunting's place in wildlife conservation and our culture. At the P&Y Museum of Bowhunting, you can soak in bowhunting’s rich heritage, and track the history of modern bowhunting. This is a little slice of bowhunting heaven. Learn about Dr. Saxton Pope, a surgeon and medical instructor who arrived at the University of California in time to study the famous Ishi. Learn about Art Young, the first to film a big game hunt with a bow and arrow. That’s how deep our roots run. That’s the stuff we as bowhunters need to see, embrace, and be excited about our rich history. Admission is free, and we promise, if you love bowhunting, you will love this place.

P&Y events, coined as “Conserve2Preserve,” will include: Trophy measuring of bow harvests, a youth and adult target shoot, door prizes, photo opportunities with the iconic, Fred Bear “Little Delta” cabin, P&Y merchandise sale, and guided museum tours. There will also be booths from MN DNR, Footed Shaft, Coyote Creek, Magnum Sports, and Chatfield Fish & Game.

Door prize drawings will be held twice per day - 12 noon and 4 pm for items like P&Y branded Yeti cooler, Kryptek soft bow case with P&Y logo, youth bow & quiver set from Footed Shaft, C3 bowstring & 1-yr. membership/Archery Range pass from Coyote Creek, Magnum Sports package, and a set of record books from P&Y. Winners must be present at the time of the drawing. Attendees receive one door prize entry for every animal measured, one entry for purchase of a 1-yr. P&Y membership, two entries for 2-yr. membership, four entries for a 4-yr. membership, and ten entries for a lifetime membership.

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 Kryptek Renews Support for the Pope and Young Club
The Pope and Young Club is proud to announce the renewal of support from Kryptek through the Club's Corporate Partner Program. Kryptek products are continuously tested and proven in austere combat environments and extreme hunting conditions, with the end goal of providing products to outdoor adventurers who demand the highest quality and overall performance in their gear.
8/12/2020... »

 Pope and Young Announces Past Edition Record Book Sale
The Pope and Young Club announces the sale of older edition record books. This is an excellent opportunity to complete your bowhunting record book library! All older edition record books and statistical summaries are now on sale for an incredibly low cost of $10 each.
8/10/2020... »

 Hoyt Archery Continues Support for the Pope and Young Club
The Pope and Young Club is proud to announce the continued support of Hoyt Archery through the Club's Corporate Partner Program. Hoyt continues their strong commitment to wildlife conservation, the protection, and defense of our bowhunting heritage and fair-chase ethics.
8/7/2020... »

 Pope and Young Club Announces Entry Fee Increase Effective November 1, 2020
The Pope and Young Club has recently conducted an analysis of its trophy entry fee cost based on historical data and today's actual cost of processing entries by staff. While reviewing historical information, we learned that the Club had raised entry fees, on average, every 11-12 years.
8/5/2020... »
Terry Lee Gapsch
Dryden, ONT
8/2/2020 - 8/8/2020

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"I've always had a place for Pope & Young in my heart, and now I'm able to give back to the Club that has instilled strong hunting values into my life. Now its time to pass these on to the future of Archery. Im grateful for the partnership!"
Brandon Waddell, Owner of Mountain Archery Festival
""Kenetrek is happy to partner with the prestigious Pope and Young club the primary bowhunting organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the bowhunting sport we all love so much. We look forward to working with Pope and Young for many years to come."
Jim Winjum, President and founder of Kenetrek Boots
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