Pope and Young Verifies New World Record Elk

Chart Topping Roosevelt’s Elk in Velvet is a Confirmed New World Record

By Dylan Ray - December 18, 2023

December 19th, 2023 - Pope and Young, America’s leading bowhunting conservation organization, is excited to announce a new World Record Roosevelt’s Elk in Velvet. Pope and Young convened a special panel to measure a potential World Record at their Bowhunter Bash in College Station, TX on December 2nd, and this incredible elk has been verified as the new World Record. 

Chris Krampe shot this incredible bull in Humboldt County California on August 4th, 2023. Chris’ bull has a verified final score of 324 2/8”, topping the charts, and coming in 76 5/8” larger than the previous world record. 

“We had already put a stalk on two giant bulls, that my guide, Tim Carpenter, had mentioned would have probably both been a new world record” stated hunter, Chris Krampe. “Honestly, I thought he was joking with all the “new world record” talk, but he ensured me that he was being serious about being a chart-topping bull. Carpenter was very familiar with the bull that was the current world record, because he guided the hunter that had killed him as well. Carpenter has a history of getting on giant Roosevelt’s Elk, and this bull was very special to say the least.”

“We have to put this into perspective, to kill a Roosevelt’s elk in velvet is so rare that there are only two in the Pope and Young Record Book” stated Tim Rozewski, Director of Records at Pope and Young. “Not only is this bull substantially larger than the other single entry, this bull is exactly what you want in a Roosevelt’s Elk, being a picture perfect, with crown points.”

Listen to Tim and Dylan discuss the full story of the hunt with Chris on the Pope and Young Podcast, click here.

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